Wedding Photographer in Bangalore
Wedding Photographer in Bangalore
About the Best Wedding Photographer in Bangalore | Rajesh Pandey


A lifetime of dreams should be real and authentic. My focus is always to get the real “you” captured therefore I tell my clients to be themselves. To enjoy their day and let their magic shine. If you’re looking for one of the best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore or any part of the world to capture those authentic moments that capture the true essence of your day, beautifully and creatively, then yours truly, will do it for you, ahem ahem. There are moments that grow, and it’s all about finding those moments that sparkles and shines and makes the treasure trove of our memories. You don’t need stiff boring pictures, but you want one of the best (read right) wedding photographers in BangaloreEven the world (if possible) who can craft these moments and warm your heart long after your wedding day.

You’re looking for someone who has the passion, skill, experience and the commitment to do whatever it takes to give you a jewel that will shine forever. After a 8 year corporate stint (working with ITC & Akzo Nobel as a Branch Manager) I gave it all up to pursue my passion in wedding photography. I have been amongst the top few wedding photographers in Bangalore who have seen it all in last 10 years. In this past decade I have been one of the pioneers of candid wedding photography in India and have shot destination weddings across South East Asia and made friends for life.  So what’s the most important thing about candid wedding photography? If it’s pictures of people celebrating, laughing, crying, pictures of funny and unexpected moments, then that’s exactly what I love shooting.


 One of the best compliments I get is when people look at their wedding photography and tell me they are fresh and they get a real sense of “being there”. To get that feeling in your wedding images, you want one of the top wedding photographers in Bangalore (or India) who has the courage and commitment to dive deep down and take soul stirring images of your wedding day. That doesn’t mean getting in the way or, being in your face – far from it. I’m aware of this and try to be as unobtrusive as possible and yet, always on the lookout for that unguarded moment of!


When you look back at your wedding you want to relive the magic every single time and that’s the point of having one of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore, who will look out for those raw moments that give you undiluted views of it.

Some of these images may be more obvious, Other images might seem less obvious. It could be the pride in your dad’s eyes while walking you down the aisle or your mother fighting her tears as you say goodbye. It might be your finance chilling out with his friends. Your relatives having a big bash on the dance floor. Whatever it is, you want one of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore who is a master of their craft, a photographer who is always looking out for those little in-between moments, and those moments that become more profound with time.


In your portraits or even in the pre wedding shoot, I offer you a little direction just to get you started but my effort is to capture the real essence of your story and not just your personality but the way you feel about each other. Being told that my photography “captured the real us” is worth so much more to me than any award. This is what really matters and Being able to capture your personality in an image is something I constantly strive for.

The backdrop, the flowers, the venue, your dress, the food, are important but perhaps not the images that you treasure half as much as you will pictures of the real you, together enjoying your day with each other and with your family and friends. This is where as a one of the most sought after wedding photographers in Bangalore is focused on. Getting to the heart of you and your day – capturing those moments that will grow and become a part of you for eternity.