Grab Bucket Crane Manufacturers
Grab Bucket Crane Manufacturers
A Grab Bucket Crane is a type of construction equipment that is used for lifting and moving materials. It is widely used in various industries. Its wide application area makes it suitable for a variety of tasks, including mining, earthwork, and bulk cargo loading. There are two main types: manual and automatic. Let's take a look at each one in detail. You can choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

What Is a Grab Bucket Crane?

Manual grabs have two parts: the frame and the wire rope. The latter is used for lifting and lowering. The wire rope is used to lift and lower the grab. The lifting mechanism can be detached from the frame without severing the wire rope. The wire rope extends and retracts the jaw plate, which opens and closes the bucket. Both parts are known to work effectively under harsh conditions. The advantages of grab bucket cranes are that they require little or no heavy manual labor.

Strong Cables

grab bucket crane manufacturers provide cranes with strong cables. The simple design allows for easy movement into position and easy lowering to the right level. The jaws of the grab bucket close around dirt, debris, and other materials, allowing it to scoop them up. Depending on the type of crane, a grab bucket can lift and lower loads of materials, and also transport materials from one location to another. There are two types of grab bucket cranes: manual and automatic.

A double girder overhead crane is an excellent option for the handling of bulk materials. Depending on the capacity of the bucket, a double girder grab bucket overhead crane can handle up to 70 tons. They are available in wood, stainless steel, and anti-leak. Many industries can benefit from the versatility of grab bucket cranes. In addition to being lightweight and flexible, they also offer high productivity and long life. These cranes are widely used in steel plants, ports, and waste recycling stations.

Double Drum

A grab bucket crane has a double drum or four ropes. The buckets are usually equipped with either an orange grab or a clamshell grab. Depending on the type of material, the grabs can be positioned in the horizontal or vertical direction. They can also be equipped with an electric hoist or manual hoists. These cranes can handle a variety of materials, including silt and powdery materials. This crane is widely used in the port, steel industry, power station, and garbage treatment facilities.

Another type of grab is a straw bale grab, which can be used with a tower crane or a gantry crane. These are also used in log storage yards and dock unloading. They are especially suitable for the environment of a straw silo, where the environment is frequently humid and the workers need to move materials constantly. They also have a very high duty rating. You can use grab cranes indoors and outdoors, and they are suitable for a variety of tasks.