Welcome to the PR Real Stories of Success Publicity Podcast Series. This podcast series includes the stories of actual real clients who have worked with PR. Each podcast offers a unique insight into what it is like to work with the famous PR team.

Radio talk show publicity campaign for author PR

Annie Jennings is the creator of the most powerful radio talk show campaign in the USA. You are booked on the high impact shows in top markets as well as the regional and/or nationally syndicated radio stations. This way, you can blanket the national with your message with just a handful of radio interviews. All radio campaigns come with unlimited media training, a performance guarantee, and a publicity team of established and respected publicists working for you.

Performance publicity strategy for TV, print media and prestigious online media

Annie Jennings PR firm also offers authors, experts, and speakers a TV, Print, and Online Media performance program.  Some clients say “hey, I am willing to pay Annie all day long if she gets me placements that move my business model, goals and objectives forward”. As it should be!

Publicity guest story

In this podcast, we feature Nataly Restokian. Nataly is a first-time author of Masks. She was heard in major markets such as Seattle, Sacramento, Detroit, and more across the country while doing radio to discuss the message in her book Masks.

We asked Nataly these questions about her publicity experience:

•  What did you think about Annie when you first spoke with her?  Did you feel she understood your goals and message? Did you trust her?
•  What was it like working with our radio division?
•  How did the media training – which is included – enhance your experience?
•  A lot of people love the support we provide every step of the way – did you feel the same?
•  What would you say to others thinking of signing up?

Nataly Restokian says about working with Annie Jennings PR on her publicity outreach:

“First of all I have to congratulate Annie Jennings. I had made a lot of phone calls to others before I hired Annie. Annie had the courtesy to speak with me. I also spoke with her radio division. Some other PR firms promise you the world before you sign up and then their promises disappear. I did not experience that with Annie Jennings, with her radio division or in the media training. Annie keeps her promises.

In fact, Annie Jennings PR gave me more than I expected. You don’t see that every day.

I am a first time client. Annie treated me like a #1 client. This firm works on the goal of securing media placements and not how much people are paying. It’s rare to see that in a Public Relations firm.

At first, I did not think that I needed unlimited media training because being a former TV host I had the experience. I was also on the radio for a year. Jason (Annie’s award-winning media trainer with over 25 years of experience in the radio industry) helped me realize that being a guest on a show is very different from being a host.

Here is an example that shows how much Annie’s team is dedicated to your success. I was scheduled for an interview and I told Jason (media trainer) that was worried about appearing on the show. The show was at 9:00 am so Jason offered to do media training with me the day before the show. No hesitation. He took the extra time to be sure I was prepared, confident, and comfortable. Others might have said ‘don’t worry you are good to go’ to avoid the extra effort. But not Jason. He actually took the time to help me.

Media training teaches you so much more than just being a great guest.  I learned I could be myself. Jason taught me how to just relax and be myself. He taught me how and when to mention my book in the show and how to be a great guest. Annie Jennings PR is so humble and they care so much. 

Annie creates original and bold ideas.

If you are working with Annie Jennings PR you will see that they are there for you. They keep their promises. They treat you like family. For Annie Jennings PR there are no big clients or small clients. There are just achievements and success for all.