Lutron Shading Control System
Lutron Shading Control System
Lutron Shading Control System



What Benefits do Motorized Shades Provide (Besides Convenience)?

Is there any part of the home you can’t make “smart?” More and more homes, and apartments and resorts, etc, are being constructed with advanced technologies built in. Viking ranges and Sub-Zero refrigerators are being delivered with WiFi, apps and touchscreens. Whether designing a new home, remodeling or a retrofit application ACS has solutions for introducing basic home integration. A great place to start is with something you interact with everyday… window shades!


Controlled window shades are convenient and cool to have, but are there any other benefits? Glad you asked! There are actually several reasons why programmed, responsive window treatments are both a great investment and a “smart” decision for your property and family.

Stop the Sun Damage


Many of the items in your home, such as art, photographs, upholstery, rugs, and more, contain dyes and inks that will fade when exposed to too much sunlight. One of our New York clients was shocked when redecorating and saw the discoloration on her living room wood floors and realized what kind of damage must have also been done to her Stark rug and heirloom Matisse. Controlled shades can be programmed to prevent the harshest direct light from damaging your valuables, and can even be scheduled to alter the operations due to Daylight Savings and seasonal changes. ACS shading system designer, Cody Derby, has found that since you’re putting some kind of treatments on your windows anyway it’s an easy next step to automate them. Otherwise they usually stay raised when you’re not home and UV damage occurs.

Enhance Your Privacy


Programmed shades enable you to enhance views and maintain privacy. ACS clients in Manhattan and Miami apartments have found this to be essential. ACS designs and installs a dual-shade arrangement pairing a sheer shade to reduce glare and preserve views with a blackout or dim-out shade to provide privacy on the same window. In bedrooms and bathrooms privacy is paramount

Save Energy


How? The more sunlight that cascades through your windows whether in California, Florida or the Hamptons means your AC works harder to offset the heat. In the winter the sun can help warm a space so you want to be sure your window treatments aren’t shutting it out. This balance is easily achieved with two common programmed settings on Lutron shading systems. A “Summer Cool” setting lowers shades and blocks solar heat gain, thereby reducing your cooling costs. The “Winter Warm” smart preset does the opposite, opening shades to take advantage of sunlight warming a southern façade. Shades programmed to automatically cut off light when you don’t want it, while letting it in when you want it the most, is a big step toward conserving energy.

ACS is ready to show you all the options available, whether for a simple installation of smart blinds, programmed lighting options, or a whole-home makeover to get you ready for future technology upgrades. Give us a call and we’ll show you how easy upgrading to a “smart” home can be!

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