Laboratory Glassware Washer Always Carries The Risk For Breakage When It Is Hand Washed
Laboratory Glassware Washer Always Carries The Risk For Breakage When It Is Hand Washed
The high-speed, digitally controlled rotating brushes on the inside of the handles on these new laboratory glassware washers provide an excellent cleaning and sanitizing solution. The PLW stainless steel hot water and cold water cleaning systems have the ability to remove all contaminants from the surfaces of dishes, cups, and bottles, which are usually the focus of contamination prevention and cleaning.

 Laboratory glassware is used in many industries. The most commonly used laboratory glassware is microscope glasses, glassware for experimental purposes, cell and protein cultures, as well as glassware for research and study. It is widely used in medical institutions. It is also used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Glassware manufacturers often manufacture and supply to established laboratories and institutions. Some companies produce specialized glassware for specific applications, including biotechnological applications. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies often use laboratory glassware washers to promote a sanitary environment in their offices and labs.

The HFCPD technology uses electronically triggered high-speed rotating brushes. The HFCPD pulse stream triggers a flow of hot water through bead-like spherical resin beads that contain hydrophobic chemicals. The beads are attracted to amino acids inserted into a heated plate. As the heated plate vibrates, the beads get sucked into the inner surface of the plate and stay there until they are washed out by a second rinse. The new models of laboratory glassware washer applications offer hot water channels, adjustable pressure, and high-speed performance. These new washer models can be used for washing, drying, and sanitizing a wide range of biological, chemical, and biological applications in the foodservice industry, pharmaceutical, health care, the cleanroom, the hospital, and many other applications where high performance is a priority. The stainless steel hot water channel provides a safe and economical alternative to conventional central-station heating and plumbing systems. Pneumatic pressure control provides complete temperature control. The hot water channel can be easily removed so that the users can wash and clean their own laboratory glassware without the assistance of a technician.

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