Keys and most important materials if you attend a fair
Keys and most important materials if you attend a fair
In recent weeks we have been talking about how to optimize your presence at fairs and events with ideas for a stand that stands out above the rest, choosing the right materials for fairs, and much more.

Keys and most important materials if you attend a fair

In recent weeks we have been talking about how to optimize your presence at fairs and events with ideas for a stand that stands out above the rest, choosing the right materials for fairs, and much more.

In this article, we encompass all of this and we hope to give you the most important keys to succeed in any type of event, congress, or fair.

Types of stands to succeed in an event


When setting up a stand, there are different materials that can be used: aluminum, wood, PVC or textiles are some of the most common.

Wood: it is the most common option, the most chosen, largely because it is a very versatile material. This allows great possibilities to create display racks, desks and tables, bookcases, and much more. In addition, it is a natural and sustainable material that does not pollute, an increasingly important issue within companies.

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Aluminum is another of the most common materials for fairs and events. It allows the manufacture of more attractive stands and, above all, of greater height. It is a very light material that can be easily adapted to any space. Its assembly is simpler and it offers a wide variety of designs to surprise everyone. It is usually combined with materials such as PVC or wood itself.

Glass: a delicate material but one that offers many options for stands with windows, mirrors, or translucent desks, for example. It is difficult to find a stand made only of glass because it is used more as a complement.

Other materials such as PVC or textiles: are raw materials similar to aluminum in terms of lightness, ease of adaptation to any space, and easy assembly. In addition, they are reusable materials, so they are ideal if you regularly attend fairs and other events in your sector.

Benefits of a powerful stand


Fairs, events, and business conferences are excellent options to publicize your brand, new products or services, offers, or simply to get new customers or retain existing ones, in the case of companies already positioned and reputed.

For going to a fair to be profitable, we must attract visitors to our stand and offer them something differentiatingIn this case, the stand and the materials used play a key role. Having a stand that stands out can help more users come and interact with you. To attract them it can be useful to offer promotions or gifts, in addition to a powerful stand design.

It is important that the design of the stand shows the personality of the brand, using its visual identity and what it wants to convey to its public. The objectives should be:

  • Attract visitors to the event or fair
  • Convert them into customers or interested
  • Generate synergies with suppliers or other companies in related sectors
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition with positive aspects
  • Make yourself known or get more notoriety
  • Transmit the identity and philosophy of the company through the corporate image


Types of materials for fairs

Beyond choosing the material with which to manufacture and assemble the stand, the rest of the materials for events that we are going to use are also important. We are talking about vinyl, signs, furniture, and all kinds of printed materials. Let's see the essentials, you don't have to use all of them, but you do have to use a combination with most of them.

  • Furniture: the choice of furniture for your stand is important, not just the counter where you are going to stand. It is essential to have some kind of display or shelf, a table and chairs if you want to be able to meet with visitors and everything that comes to mind. Of course, do not overload the environment with a lot of furniture, you have to find the midpoint between need and space.
  • Signage and vinyl: use signs and wall vinyl or floor vinyl that attract attention and offer information to users, whether they are offers, indications or simply a call to visit your stand. We leave you this interesting article on vinyl design and printing and some types and examples of vinyl lettering.
  • Printed graphic material: merchandising at fairs and events is essential. Whether it is material to promote your products, make them known, inform about offers and discounts or gifts for everyone who attends. We are going to establish the materials that can be most useful and their main objective:
  • Merchandising and promotional products personalized with the company logo. For products like cups, bags, bottles, and wireless speakers, there are plenty of options. They are gifts to users, so they must be useful. This way they will always remember your brand, even if they use it in public, it is a way of advertising.
  • Brochures and catalogs: documents that can be shown to potential clients or handed out for them to take away and find out what you do, what your products and services are, et. We are talking about brochures, flyers, triptychs, diptychs… There are numerous formats available.
  • Roll-ups: they are used as fair material to highlight the stand and to be recognized from afar. But also to give more information about the company, even about a specific offer or a featured product.
  • Business cards: in this case, it is true that these are used less and less, at least physically, there are already digital designs. But in a fair, with so many companies, a physical card can be useful for users to take them. At Publifes, we can make a unique business card design that stands out and includes a QR that can redirect users to your website or to a card with your data. The options are multiple.


At Publifes we are experts in the design, printing, and installation of stands and materials for fairs and events. Therefore, we can help you for your next fair and make an adjusted budget taking into account all your needs.