It’s never easy to find and hire a good iOS developer. However, some tips can help to hire iOS developers.


  • In the first quarter of 2021, Apple delivered more than 55.2 million iPhones. That’s a 50.4 percent raise over the previous year.
  • In 2021, Apple made $365 billion in revenue, with iPhone sales accounting for 52 percent of that total.
  • With a market share of 29.24 percent, iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system.

Even though nearly three-quarters of smartphone consumers have Android phones, Apple continues to lead to client paying potential.

Many organizations are opting for iOS and with good cause. You want an app with unique features; a high return on investment improves customer satisfaction, and provide users with high levels of security as a business. All of this is possible thanks to iOS apps.

On the other hand, delivering a good app requires a collaborative effort that comprises a well-organized project manager, established IT architecture, well-planned requirements, and an iOS expert.

Most iPhone users spend a significant amount of money on applications and premium features; thus, the apps must be excellent.

It’s never easy to find and hire a good iOS developer. However, some tips can help to hire iOS developers.


Analyse your requirement

Before looking for an iOS developer, you should assess your company’s needs. It’s also crucial to evaluate the nature of the assignment, such as whether it’s a long-term or short-term project. It would be simple to filter down your research if you understand the company’s criteria. It might also have a more significant impact on a company’s finances.

Understand your target audience

It’s critical to know who will use your application before you start building it. Even if you already have customers, not all of them will download your app and start using it. As a result, it’s critical to conduct significant market research and determine which segment of your current and new clients will use the app. As a result, hire a developer with prior experience in a related field.


Experience and Expertise

It’s like hitting the lottery when it comes to finding an iOS developer with relevant experience. Working on similar-sized projects, in your market location, or on the same type of product you need to produce could count as experience. When it comes to iOS developers, there are three primary levels of skill to consider. There are three levels of developers: junior, middle, and senior. The fundamental distinctions between these three stages are based on how much expertise a developer has with various projects.



You can assess the actual level of a candidate’s abilities, expertise, and experience by looking at their portfolio. During the interview, please inquire about the duties and responsibilities of your possible iOS developer for hire’s previous three projects, as well as their preferred work style and personal tech achievements.

Don’t forget that you can use your iPhone to check out the candidate’s apps or look for reviews of their work.


Roles and responsibilities

Consider your programmers’ point of view for a moment. They require clarification on what each of them must do. To provide them with this clarity, define their tasks and duties early on. iOS development involves an extensive understanding of programming languages, frameworks, and processes-methods-and-tools, rather than just coding.


Native VS hybrid development

Native apps use device-specific hardware features to provide a better user experience. These apps also offer improved security and speed. Native app development, on the other hand, necessitates a larger budget.

On the other hand, hybrid apps have a single codebase and can operate on both Android and iOS. While they fall short in terms of native user experience, you will save money on development and be able to deploy your app sooner.

Before hiring an iOS developer, figure out whether you need a native or hybrid app.


Communication and other soft skills

Before you hire an iOS developer, you need to consider additional criteria such as cultural background, values, and professional work attitude, in addition to experience and skill set.

These elements also have a role in determining whether or not a project will be successful. There are many talented coders, but some prefer to work alone and struggle to fit into a team. Bringing such people together and integrating them with others might soon lead to misunderstandings stymie development.


Why hire Orion for iOS development?

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