Besides being a subsidiary of Facebook, Instagram allows users to connect their Facebook and Instagram accounts. By connecting your Facebook account with your Instagram account, users will be able to upload posts to Instagram along with Facebook at the same time.


Besides being a subsidiary of Facebook, Instagram allows users to connect their Facebook and Instagram accounts. By connecting your Facebook account with your Instagram account, users will be able to upload posts to Instagram along with Facebook at the same time.

This method is not difficult to use to connect your account on Facebook to your Instagram account. As a first step, you will need a Facebook account, of course, to get started. So, before doing anything else, please make sure that you already have a Facebook account that is accessible to you.

Instagram automatically connects to your Facebook account if you register for Instagram through Facebook for the first time. So this method is for people whose Facebook Accounts are not linked.

You can automate and streamline posting across Facebook and Instagram by connecting the two.

Furthermore, you will be able to respond directly to customer messages from one place, facilitating seamless interactions between your business and your clients.

As a result of Facebook and Instagram tying together, you are also able to distribute paid ads between these two platforms allowing you to reach a wider audience and growth of your buy Instagram followers UK cheap (and make payments to both platforms from one place).

points to keep in mind before Linking Facebook to Instagram

This article will discuss a couple of important points before diving into the main topic, So you won’t get stuck when connecting Instagram to Facebook. Do you think you can guess what those points will be? If no, then those points are following

  • The Instagram account you have must be up-to-date.
  • Active Facebook account is mandatory for you.
  • The account you currently have may need to be changed to an Instagram professional account (Not necessary).


Steps to Connect Facebook to Instagram

Connecting Facebook to Instagram can only be accomplished with the Instagram app, but if you do not have the Instagram app installed on your phone, then it might be possible for you to borrow a friend’s phone to access Instagram.

The Instagram app is accessible for free download through the Play Store. Now you’ve got everything you need, let’s connect Facebook to Instagram.

  • Install the Instagram application, follow the instructions, and log in.
  • By clicking on the image icon in the bottom right, you will be taken to Instagram’s profile page.
  • In the top right section, double-click on the dotted line, then click Settings.
  • Then click on Account.
  • Click Linked Accounts.
  • In the menu, you will find a variety of options. The following social networks are available: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Ameba, and buy real Instagram likes UK .ru. Since we will be linking a profile from Facebook to Instagram, click Facebook.
  • You will be asked to log in to your account set up, then, through the next step, the next step is to approve, click Continue.
  • You will have to wait a few seconds (how long depends on your internet connection).
  • It’s done, you’ve connected Facebook to Instagram.

Upon viewing the linked accounts menu, you’ll notice that in the Facebook section, a Facebook name that you previously linked is already listed.

Configure Facebook and Instagram Account Settings

If the Facebook id is connected to the Instagram profile, so what happens next? We hope that you will raise your concern in this regard. If you share a story on Facebook directly from an Instagram story or story on Facebook, you will automatically receive the share on Facebook. Furthermore, you can upload posts you share on Instagram or Facebook instantly.

If you’re interested in either of those things, it can be configured or set up manually as long as it isn’t activated automatically. Not surprisingly, the method is also straightforward. To access Facebook, you have to tap it again. Afterward, you’ll be able to access a new menu.

The settings for stories and posts are already available. In addition, for those who want to share their IG Instagram stories to their Facebook Stories, they can activate the button that allows them to share their Insta Story to their Facebook stories.

You can turn on the Share Your Post to Facebook menu if you wish to share Instagram posts automatically to Facebook.

Advantages of Linking Facebook to Instagram

As a result of connecting Facebook and Instagram, you can enjoy several things if you enable this feature, and some of the different features you can enjoy are the possibility of logging in with your Instagram account using your Facebook, automatically posting on Facebook, and contacting your Instagram account. It is convenient to connect and sync Instagram with Facebook.

Overview of Linking Facebook and Instagram

Instagram and Facebook can be merged in just a few steps. In contrast, Instagram users who use laptops haven’t been able to connect Facebook to Instagram. You can benefit from connecting Facebook and Instagram in several ways.

The process begins with more diverse login methods, minimizing account loss due to forgotten passwords, automatic post posting, and strengthening relationships. Check out how Twitch and Discord can be connected if you like managing multiple platforms in one place.

How to Unlink Instagram from Facebook?

If your Facebook friends are sending you a lot of friend requests and messages, you can disconnect your account as well. You can also disconnect Instagram from your Facebook account if you want to make your Instagram private again.

What is the procedure for unlinking Facebook from Instagram?

  • Go to Instagram and open it.
  • The icon for your profile can be found on the lower right side of the screen.
  • Then press the dotted line above the screen.
  • Choose the Discover button.
  • Last but not least, disconnect your Facebook account.

You’re done. Your Instagram account has been unlinked successfully from your Facebook account. It may be essential that you submit your login credentials in case you need to confirm the disconnect.


By linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you can use both simultaneously. As a result, posts, messages, or business products can be shared between the two accounts. It’s not necessary to open each account individually. The next few steps will help you connect Facebook to Instagram.