Citi Housing Kharian - The Best Housing Society in Town
Citi Housing Kharian - The Best Housing Society in Town
Citi Housing Kharian is a modern housing project ideally located on G.T Road Sarai Alamgir that offers all the modern facilities and amenities

A residential home development for the districts of Gujrat and Jhelum is offered by Citi Housing at Kharian Sarai Alamgir. The neighborhood is well-known for its superbly built homes and other state-of-the-art facilities available to its residents. Citi Housing Kharian offers you a top-notch infrastructure and a totally modern style of life. It strives to be the desired connection between communities and the people of New Kharian Sarai Alamgir.

When all safety precautions are taken into account, this housing community provides its residents with the most promising security, working around the clock to make sure they enjoy peaceful lives in the neighborhood.

Developers & Owners

One of the most well-known real estate companies in the nation, City Housing Developers, is the organization behind this project. Amer and Zoraiz Malik are the business's proprietors, while Rana Zahid serves as its executive director of marketing. The Citi Housing Multan Phase 1 and Citi Housing Multan Phase 1 projects are examples of great projects that this firm has previously completed. Their past projects have always suited the investors' residential preferences. The business is made up of a professional group of designers and architects that are skilled at producing high-quality projects. Due to reputable developers, it is obvious that investing in Citi Housing Kharian would be a profitable choice.

NOC Status

Real estate investors should confirm that the project has a valid No Objection Certificate before moving forward with their investment (NOC). Investments made in this project would be secure because of the NOC file's assurance that it is free of all forms of fraud. After several rounds of talks, the developers were able to get Tehsil Municipal Authority, Sialkot, clearance. They would quickly acquire the NOC clearance, which would raise the project's overall worth.

Address & Map

Any housing project's location is one of its key considerations. It indicates if a particular housing project is convenient to reach or not. This home development is situated on GT Road in Kharian. Along the same path, several new home developments are being built. Buraq City, Grand, and Green View City are a few more well-known housing developments along the road. The project's path is easily accessible via the major GRT Road, Sarai Alamgir, and Gujrat City. All of these locations would become much more valuable since there are so many fantastic prospects.

Development Status

The development of this dwelling project with all of its top-notch amenities has been started by the owners. The architects are now working on plot leveling across the project. A few of the plots have already been finished, and the others will soon be. The proprietors intended to build a large mosque that would stand out from the rest of the city's mosques. Additionally, the owners also have plans to grow lush trees all around the housing complex to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Why Make an Investment in Citi Housing Kharian?

To help the people of Kharian live in a pleasant and opulent environment is the primary goal of this real estate project. The developers also intend to provide residents access to cutting-edge housing options. Given that it would be situated on Main GT Road, this home development would undoubtedly rank as the city's top tourist destination. This home project's inexpensive payment schedule is another plus. Residents would be able to acquire plots through New Metro City Gujar Khan's monthly installment options.


One of the top new home developments in Punjab is Citi Housing Kharian goal. The project's creators want to offer all kinds of opulent lifestyles at reasonable prices. They have previously had experience completing major housing developments. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that even the current initiative will be a great success. Real estate experts already see this property as having success potential. Investors would thus have faith in this society's creators. Sapphire Properties is available to offer any investment advice on Citi Housing Kharian and Sapphire Heights. Our team of knowledgeable real estate brokers will go through all the advantages of making an investment in this project.