With LeaseHub the rental leasing process is made quick, simple, efficient – and completely automated. Manage your entire property from a single platform. Do credit checks in minutes. Sign up tenants quickly and with zero administrative hassle.


LeaseHub transforms the way you do business.

Today no one has the time for paperwork and follow-up calls and manual processes that take days, even weeks, to finalise. As workloads increase, property managers and rental agents are under pressure to simplify.


They have the solution.

LeaseHub is built to reduce the amount of time agents spend on each lease, and ensures the application process is faster and simpler for all parties. Renting your inventory will be so quick and easy, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Their proprietary software converts the minutiae of lease management into an easy-to-use, fully automated process – a process that both tenants and property owners love!


There’s no paperwork. Everything is on the cloud – so there’s no stress, no errors, no endless back and forths. You won’t even need to make calls or exchange emails. Tenants will be happier, property owners and agents will also be happier – and the laborious leasing process becomes automated, quick and simple.



LeaseHub allows tenants to apply for a rental and get approved within minutes. After submitting details on an online form, agents then review the documentation and send it back to the tenant should they require further information.


LeaseHub then­ integrates with TPN to credit check applicants and return the score and report. Once approved, the system generates an electronic lease that is prepopulated with all the relevant data, and then sent to the landlord and the tenant to e-sign from their phone or computer with minimum fuss. This is then stored on the cloud.


Key release forms and inspection forms are built into the software for ease of use. And a custom dashboard provides a holistic view of the entire leasing process to enable tracking of all outstanding leases and reporting on an agent’s specific performance.


It really is that easy.


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LeaseHub is the complete automated document management and workflow tool for lease administration. Specifically designed for leasing agents and landlords that manage their own portfolios, their property management software empowers rental agents to optimise the time they spend on sales and minimise the time they spend on admin. Finalise lease agreements in no time, and without the hassle of change documentation and credit checks!


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