All About a Best-Selling SEBO Upright Vacuum (The SEBO DART Upright)
All About a Best-Selling SEBO Upright Vacuum (The SEBO DART Upright)
Have you heard about SEBO vacuum cleaners and the sort of quality engineering they carry?

Have you heard about SEBO vacuum cleaners and the sort of quality engineering they carry? Do you want to learn more? If so, there are a few things you should know about one of the best-selling SEBO upright vacuums in the industry, the SEBO DART.

If you need a new vacuum for your home, here’s where you should start your search.

What Does the SEBO DART Offer?
The SEBO DART, one of the most popular SEBO upright vacuums, is lightweight, ergonomic, maneuverable, and powerful.

● It can cover a 12” path at a pass, is suitable for cleaning a variety of different surfaces, including bare floors, carpets, hardwood, and rugs, and weighs only 15.8 pounds.

● As far as maneuverability and extension are concerned, the SEBO DART features a “flex neck” that is easy to manipulate and bend with a simple motion that makes graceful, sweeping curves, turns, and other maneuvers effortless.

● Cord length is also a concern for many vacuum owners, but the SEBO DART features a 31-foot power cord for an impressive cleaning radius that can cover nearly 805 square feet.

● It is also powerful, with a 10.8 amp motor, and utilizes a specially-designed ET-1 power nozzle which can aggressively and effectively clean both carpets and bare floors. This power nozzle is also thoughtfully designed; its L-shape makes it perfect for cleaning edges.

This SEBO upright vacuum offers numerous user-friendly features that either improve its ability to clean, its ease of use, or both. For instance, the SEBO DART features four levels of height adjustments for cleaning a variety of floor surfaces. It also offers an automatic shut-off feature to stop the roller brush if it becomes jammed, protecting sensitive internals. This vacuum also features a warning light that alerts the user when the brush needs to be replaced or readjusted.

It also features a generous bag capacity, at .92 gallons, and utilizes 3-layer S-class filtration which absorbs 99.9% of all dust, dirt, and debris down to .3 microns in diameter. Just to put it in perspective, human hair averages about 100 microns wide!

This unique filtration system features a more open texture for smoother airflow which provides greater suction performance and does not tax the motor as heavily. Consequently, they last longer, while still providing excellent allergen relief - all while costing less than HEPA filters.

This SEBO upright vacuum also comes with a crevice and upholstery tool, making it useful for cleaning above the ground.

Why Upright Vacuums?
SEBO upright vacuums (like other upright vacuums) tend to be more agile and maneuverable than some other styles of vacuums like canister vacuums, despite the fact that they often have a smaller capacity and can be less powerful than some canister vacuums.

Most models are compatible with a wide range of accessories and attachments, preventing you from needing to bend down and free you from needing to pull around a canister everywhere you go.

Where Can You Get This SEBO Upright Vacuum at a Great Price?
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