Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions | Expert Aviation
Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions | Expert Aviation
Expert Aviation offers the finest aircraft jet management, pilot services, consulting, and aircraft sales & acquisition services. Our dynamic approach to corporate jet management through knowledge and expertise make us one of the best private jet management companies.

Expert Aviation, Inc - Aircraft/Jet Management, Pilot Services, & Aviation Consultant

The aviation industry has undergone a sea change since its inception. From Government run aircraft, there has been a shift towards privatized flight services for customers of every type. Consumer focus has become a marked area of interest for industrialists in the aviation industry. This can be observed by the reduction in airfares, increase in number of flights, and the overall expansion of the geographies over which flights ply.

This is where ‘Expert Aviation’ comes to your rescue. We specialize in aircraft management and aviation services including flight training and consultancy services. We have more than two decades of experience in this very niche field, and are capable of providing focused customer oriented solutions to our clients.

Aircraft Management is an area fraught with many hurdles such as analyzing cost to benefit ratios, reducing costs, optimizing quality of end services to customers, management of external stakeholders like customers, suppliers, the Government, law-making authorities, and staff. The aviation industry is hugely affected by externalities like a sudden change in law regarding aircraft, cut-throat competition from other players in the industry and dealing with an increasingly stingy and fickle minded customer. At Expert Aviation, we are skilled to handle all the intricacies that players of the aviation industry face. We are adept in handling specific grievances and problem areas at an optimum fee. Our staff is dedicated to provide the best consultancy and management services, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our decades of experience helps us to further or goal of providing the best services suited to each client requirement.

Our Founder and President- Mr. Jason E Jacobs is a renowned name in the aircraft management field. With more than two decades of experience in the field, he possesses a wealth of knowledge in this field. He began his career as a pilot and Chief Flight Instructor, and gradually moved along the ranks towards higher management roles in the aviation industry.

Mr. Jacobs holds a Master Certified ‘Flight Instructor Accreditation’ and has successfully trained hundreds of domestic and international pilot students. He currently freelances as a Safety Representative at the FAA Safety Team in Florida, along with being the President of Expert Aviation. Our company specializes in aircraft management, consulting and pilot services, under the vision and guidance of our founder.

At Expert Aviation, we provide a host of services to suit the varied requirements of our clients. Some of these services are- aircraft management, pilot services, aviation consultancy services, and sales and acquisitions. We undertake focus group interactions with clients to understand in detail each problem area in operations. Our in-house team is knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to provide the best services to our clients- both domestic and international.