4 Types of Visa in UAE You Can Apply For
4 Types of Visa in UAE You Can Apply For
For expats taking up employment in the country, the UAE residence visa is sponsored and the formalities are handled by the company.

4 Types of Visa in UAE You Can Apply For

UAE, being the hub of many nationalities, holds significance for investors, entrepreneurs, and job seekers. With the evolving economy, the country provides great benefits to investors and job seekers including a lavish lifestyle, profitable businesses, career growth, and work-life balance.

While the prospect of relocating to the UAE may sound appealing but it also comes with a lot of legal formalities and procedures. The country has introduced various types of visas with subtle differences in procedures. Each type of visa serves its own purpose, hence, selecting a particular type depends on the objective of an individual.

Here is a quick overview of the different types of visas in UAE that one can apply for:


1. Residence Visa

Moving to the UAE requires the issuance of a residency visa. UAE Residence Visa is further fragmented depending on the purpose of your travel. As this includes,


UAE Work Visa

For expats taking up employment in the country, the UAE residence visa is sponsored and the formalities are handled by the company. Typically, the company bears the cost of the employee’s visa, hence, expats must have the residence visa Dubai issued before entering the country. 


UAE Student Visa:

UAE has become one of the attractive locations for students to apply for higher education. Thus, a UAE residence visa is also issued to foreign students who have been enrolled in UAE educational institutions.


UAE Family Visa

Expats living in UAE on residence visas can sponsor the UAE Family Visa for their dependants including spouses, children, and parents. A Muslim male expat can sponsor Spouse Visa in UAE for two wives but must meet certain regulations by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA).  In the context of children, one can sponsor Child Visa UAE before certain conditions are met. However, sponsoring the UAE family visa is correlated to the salary slab. You must be able to meet a minimum salary criterion in order to sponsor the dependants or appoint Maid Visa Dubai.


UAE Investment Visa

An investor can obtain this visa by investing in a business or property worth at least AED 1 million. This type of visa is issued for the long term (up to 10 years).

Nonetheless, the duration of residency varies depending on authority as the mainland receives 2-year visas while free zones give 3-year employment visas, category if the investors of mainland enterprises receive 3-year residence permits, or system when the long-term resident status is approved if you are a large investment of capital.


2. Mission Visa

Many companies in UAE now prefer to sponsor short-term work visas for which employees. They can work for a maximum of 90 days with a salary and a labor card, and there are no extensions available after that. However, the company can issue a UAE residency visa if satisfied with the performance.


3. Visit Visa

Visit visas in the UAE are entry permits that can be obtained by eligible individual tourists from all over the world. Airlines, professional travel agents, and hotels can all sponsor such visas. Some countries can get an arrival visit visa (however before traveling you must check if your country full under the category of an on-arrival visit visa in the UAE).


The visa allows the holder to stay in the country for 30 or 90 days, with the option of multiple entries. Following completion, you are permitted two 30-day extensions while getting your process done in the country. Being on a visit visa, it is illegal to work unless you formally obtain employment and get your visa status changed.


4. Transit Visa

A remote work visa permits you to live in the UAE while working for your current company outside the UAE. It is also known as a Freelancers visa as individuals are not sponsored by the company and work under the terms and conditions set by the Government. The visa is only valid for a year. This allows employees from all over the world to work remotely from the UAE in order to attract talents and experience from all over the world.


Nonetheless, there are penalties for exceeding the expiry date for any of the options stated above. Get in contact with us to find out how to enter and live in the UAE.