10 Most Popular Social Media Platforms To Use In 2022
10 Most Popular Social Media Platforms To Use In 2022
Social networking sites have been dominated by Facebook for many years now. In addition to showing the world what the internet is capable of, Facebook has profoundly altered how people interact.

10 Most Popular Social Media Platforms To Use In 2022


Social networking sites have been dominated by Facebook for many years now. In addition to showing the world what the internet is capable of, Facebook has profoundly altered how people interact. Despite its stormy beginnings and constant involvement with epic issues, the company has achieved astounding growth since its founding in 2004.

During the past ten months, Facebook gained one million users, and it took eight years for one billion to follow. Facebook has 2.74 billion active members as of January 2022, a statistic growing by around 500,000 new users daily, or six new members every second. Yet despite Facebook’s incredible popularity, it is not the most visited website in the world. Surprisingly, YouTube has 34.6 billion visitors, surpassing Facebook’s 25.5 billion monthly visits, whereas Google’s 92.5 billion visits ultimately exceed Facebook’s.


There are an astounding 2.29 billion registered members on YouTube, the second most popular social media network on our list. Considering that anyone can view YouTube material, regardless of whether they are registered users, this number may not accurately reflect the platform’s popularity.

It was initially intended as a dating service when it was launched in 2005, as the creators ran advertisements on Craigslist to encourage women to record videos discussing their ideal spouses. In addition, YouTube is a social media channel that reaches a very young audience; however, it has impressive statistics for getting the older market despite its popularity with a younger population.

YouTube is used by seventy-four percent (74%) of all Americans, followed by Facebook at 68% and Instagram at 40%.


Two former Yahoo! employees, founded the company in 2009 as a tool for displaying “statuses” next to contact items in users’ contact books, rather than an instant messaging (IM) program. In 2020, WhatsApp became one of just three social networking sites with a more than 2 billion user base. The recent growth of the app has been astonishing, with the last billion users joining in less than four years.

WhatsApp does not offer as many marketing options as other social networks because it refuses to incorporate conventional advertising into its income model. However, this does not negate the app’s significant marketing potential for firms that use it as a communication tool.


There are 1.22 billion active users worldwide on Instagram, the world’s fifth most popular photo-sharing app. Kevin Systrom, a former Google employee, founded Instagram in 2009 following extensive research on the social media ecosystem.

Among Instagram’s most significant contributions to digital marketing were influencers. For better or worse, users’ popularity gave their profiles an “aspirational” tilt, quickly leading to the emergence of an entirely new marketing channel that enabled commoners to monetize their reputation.

According to demographic information, 71% of Instagram users are under 35. It is also a viral platform for B2C marketing, with over 70% of US firms actively utilizing it as a marketing tool. Compared to its main competitor, Facebook, Instagram boasts astounding engagement rates.


A video-sharing platform such as TikTok became a worldwide phenomenon in 2017 and sprang on the scene with an adoption rate that made its rivals cry into their keyboards. In the first two years following its introduction to the social media environment, TikTok ranked among the top five most downloaded applications worldwide.

A year later, it topped the charts by no means a tiny margin. There are more than 250 million downloads on TikTok compared to WhatsApp, its closest competitor. Regarding demographic reach, TikTok has a long way to go to catch up to its rivals. In the United States, 47% of the platform’s users are between the ages of 10 and 29.


An application for social networking and messaging, Telegram emphasizes privacy, encryption, and rapid delivery of messages. As a result of WhatsApp’s privacy disaster in 2020, it has reached 400 million monthly active users globally.

Besides offering personalized customer service, businesses can also use Telegram in various ways. For example, Telegram chatbots can be used to automate promotional messages as well as mediate between multiple groups. In addition, the network allows up to 200,000 members to be a part of a group, which is more than other messaging platforms allow.


In the second quarter of 2021, Snapchat had approximately 530 million active users, making it one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Snapchat is popular among individuals under 25, with over 306 million daily active users globally.

With a comprehensive collection of augmented reality effects created by users, the application promotes fun/goofy selfies and pioneers vanishing posts. 78% of Snap’s active users are between 18 and 24, so consider using the platform if this is your target market.


It has gained popularity as a platform for storing and discovering creative inspiration for cooking, home improvement projects, meal prep ideas, interior design, fashion, and everything else. More than 444 million monthly users, over 70% of whom are women, use the site to discover new products. To advertise your fashion, home design, or do-it-yourself business to women aged 21 to 34, Pinterest is an excellent social media platform.


In addition to conducting business with your firm, finding decision-makers to stock your products and collaborating with you can all be accomplished through LinkedIn. As a professional social networking platform, the site has evolved from a job search website to a forum for exchanging information, networking, and building personal brands among industry professionals.

According to a survey conducted by Marketing Professionals in 2019, 48.8% of marketing professionals use LinkedIn for marketing purposes in the United States. Additionally, companies may use it to establish thought leadership and authority in their industry and hire high-quality personnel. You can achieve a lot if you develop unique content and establish a strong presence on LinkedIn. More than 774 million people use LinkedIn.


Users were able to post text messages of up to 140 characters on Twitter, which sparked its popularity as a microblogging platform. Although Twitter has fewer monthly active users than Facebook (about 330 million), its impressive engagement rates may be advantageous to your company.

Twitter allows brands to improve their voice, as there are informational and engaging communications opportunities. Furthermore, Twitter is often used as a channel for customer service, and Twitter marketers claim that over 80% of social customer service inquiries occur on Twitter.