Five Ways To Make Shopping Malls More Secure
Five Ways To Make Shopping Malls More Secure
Controlling the significant increase in in-store traffic over the holidays can be difficult for many shopping mall management teams. A shopping mall security program's top goals are providing a pleasant shopping experience for their customers, maintaining crowd control, recognising suspicious conduct, and promptly defusing potential situations.

Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, a significant increase in shopping numbers is projected for special events, but to a lesser amount than in previous years. And providing security for such a large audience is difficult. This is an excellent moment to increase your investment in your shopping center's security service and introduce additional security techniques to ensure improved security. Even though the risks that shopping mall employees confront are often minor, it is critical that they are trained to act appropriately in high-risk circumstances to safeguard everyone's safety.


So, to assist you, we've put together a list of five strategies for improving shopping mall security that you may use.


Ensure that security and personnel at shopping malls are properly trained.


Valet staff, information desk staff, janitorial workers, and even everyone who works in a retail store are all part of your shopping mall's crew. These individuals will not have the same level of security responsibilities as specialised security employees, but they should be aware of the following:


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  • How to do a threat assessment of the area
  • Situations in which they should be alarmed and report potential threats to the security staff
  • How to respond to queries from visitors
  • How to alert the mall security team to suspicious or odd activity

Have a plan for opening and closing your business.


Because shopping mall hours are predetermined, anyone with nefarious intentions can easily scale and observe the mall and its operations, including the arrival and departure times of employees and security.


It is possible to have a crowd waiting to enter the store at opening time on Black Friday, and it may also be difficult to get people out of the businesses at closing time. Maintain as much consistency as possible in your opening and closing timings, and have personnel arrive earlier to guarantee proper preparation for opening.


This will give your employees time to settle in, review their workstation, and finish preparation for the busy day ahead. As a result, when the shopping mall opens, the employees will be mentally prepared to spot possible criminals and keep an eye on the crowd.


Place Security Service provider in Vancouver officers at the entrances to ensure that individuals enter the premises safely and in a timely manner. Visitors should also be advised of the closing time ahead of time and escape as quickly as possible during the closing. Place large, obvious signage on all walkways and doorways to help guests find their way out.


Have you prepared specific security procedures for the busy season?


The holiday season's craziness necessitates enhanced security to guarantee the safety of guests, employees, and the mall. This includes reviewing emergency procedures as well as equipment protocols. Gather all of your staff for a meeting to communicate and discuss critical safety and security issues.


  • Make sure there are enough radios and flashlights, and that they are working.
  • Examine all reporting protocols for suspicious activities, including people who stare at the security camera or walk through restricted areas.
  • Take steps to boost the team's awareness.
  • Stress the need for a quick response in an emergency.
  • Plan alternate patrol routes to prevent potential criminals from guessing patrol routes.


Increase the number of guards on the scene.


The security guards are the shopping mall's first line of defence. If necessary, add more security officers to patrol the premises throughout the busiest season. They are more equipped to spot suspicious activity and are taught to respond promptly to any security threats.


Adding more security officers to your mall's security team on important occasions will allow your mall's security team to:


  • Before the mall is opened to the public, conduct a thorough inspection of the entire property.
  • During mall opening hours, have an extra security guard on duty.
  • Have two more security patrol guards - one to patrol the mall's common areas, such as parking, washrooms, and the food court, and the other to patrol the food court.
  • Add another guard for outside patrols and hourly inspections of the mechanical rooms and roof door.
  • After the mall has closed, station guards at the entrance ensure that no one can re-enter.

Concentrate on high-risk locations.


Because washrooms are private spaces, they are attractive to potential criminals; consequently, it is critical to keep an eye on them.


Garbage may also be a high-risk area because it can be used to store stolen goods, suspicious packages, weapons, and explosives. To prevent thieves from abusing waste bins, the following measures should be taken:


  • Use clear plastic bags to make it easier to find what you're looking for.
  • Have security personnel visually inspect trash cans for any suspicious packages.
  • Before the end of the day, empty all trash cans.

The security crew at the retail centre should also keep a watchful eye on underground parking and other parking structures.


These five crucial security tips will assist you in enhancing shopping centre security over the holiday season. However, there is still a lot more you can do to improve shopping mall security.


You should take these suggestions extremely seriously, as well as ensuring that your teams are well-informed and following the procedures.


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