5 Things to Buy on Dhanteras
5 Things to Buy on Dhanteras
Dhanteras is the advanced greeting for Maa Lakshmi, who is honored on Diwali. Bring home these listed 5 lucky charms to your home for better joy.

Dhanteras is a prosperous holiday that represents riches and success. People will be swarming around the best place to buy gold coins in India and Dhanteras-related items.  

'Dhan' represents prosperity, while 'Teras' represents the thirteenth day. On this day, the five-day Diwali festival begins.  

This is also referred to as Dhanatrayodashi. This day is regarded as particularly auspicious since it offers individuals good luck. This day is good for purchasing pricey items. 


The Festival of Lights 

Deepawali is one of India's most important holidays, celebrated with vigor and zeal throughout the country. This renowned festival of lights is celebrated for up to five days.  

It includes traditional dishes, sweets, fireworks, rangoli, bright lights, and traditional diyas. There are several tales behind the Diwali celebrations that date back centuries.  

Still, the most recurrent theme is the triumph of virtue over evil. Diwali, in reality, heralds the dawn of new beginnings and is a wonderful celebration commemorating the victory of brightness over darkness.  

The five-day celebrations begin with Dhanteras, one of the most auspicious days, and conclude with Bhai Dooj. Continue reading to learn about a list of auspicious products to purchase this Dhanteras 2022 to draw tonnes of luck and prosperity your way. 


Buy These Things this Dhanteras for Your Good 

  • Laxmi-Ganesha Idols 

Because Diwali is a day to honor goddess Laxmi and her consort Ganesha, purchasing Laxmi-Ganesha idols is a must on this day. Laxmi-Ganesha idols are regarded as the pinnacle of prosperity and knowledge. So, suppose you want to bring home money and spend and expand it properly. In that case, you may consider including Laxmi-Ganesha in your Diwali puja. 


  • Utensils 

Purchasing utensils is related to Goddess Lakshmi and the story of Samudra Manthan and Goddess Dhanvantri. According to traditional beliefs, gold, silver, brass, or copper should be preferred above iron and steel. Legend has it that you must fill the new utensils with food or water before entering the house to ensure they will be filled all year. 


  • Broom 

This may come as a surprise, but purchasing brooms on this day is considered lucky and auspicious. Purchasing a broom on this day represents the removal of economic hardship from your home and the end of financial difficulties. 


  • Jewelry 

On this day, people around the country worship the "Dhan" and the goddess Lakshmi, symbolized by a one-rupee coin. Businesses all around the country follow suit, generally by beautifying the office and paying respect to Goddess Lakshmi. On this day, people buy gold coins and silver jewelry in high demand. 


  • Electronics 

If you want to buy a household appliance or electrical goods, you must do it around Diwali. It is not only auspicious but several plans and discounts make it a wise buy. People buy new phones, laptops, speakers, televisions, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and other electrical devices. 


What Shouldn’t be Brought Home? 

  • On Dhanteras, avoid purchasing an iron, aluminum, or plastic items. 
  • Avoid buying Knives, scissors, pins, and other sharp instruments connected with Rahu or foreboding indications. 
  • Similarly, no purchase of glasses. 
  • Also, no oil or ghee should be purchased on this day. 
  • On this day, avoid purchasing black-colored items. 


Bring Home the Wealth You Deserve 

When it comes to Dhanteras 2022, you have a wealth of possibilities like metals, technological appliances, gomti chakras, and brooms, etc. However, there are some items you should avoid purchasing, such as plastic or sharp instruments such as scissors, knives, or pins.  

Astrology experts advise against wearing anything black since it is associated with ill luck, whereas they advise to buy silver coins as they bring wealth. Because this Dhanteras is post-pandemic, all signs may invest in self-care and contribute grains on Dhanteras.  

People can also help people in need by donating food. While sweets and Dakshina are vital commodities to provide charity to the poor, they also bring joy and wealth to your home.