11 innovative ideas for your gorgeous home
11 innovative ideas for your gorgeous home
In this article, will bring small suggestions to decorate your home, no matter what style you are looking for for your new home.

1. The bathroom is crisp and bold
This stylish bathroom has been chosen by the owner of the curtain and wall mirror as the two highlights. The curtain separating the dragon phoenix pattern is color-coordinated not in a traditional way, which is both modern and contains oriental cultural values. The mirror is meticulously polished with a prominent scalloped border on the dark wall, making the narrow space of the bathroom more contrasting but not stuffy.

2. Bedroom inspired by hunting trips
Decorating the bedroom with wall paintings such as monolithic prints, woodcuts, is a very popular trend, in which another technique is acid etching, to create deep grooves on the engraving. metal. On a dark wall, metal engravings with African motifs and patterns recreate a hunting trip right in your bedroom.

3. The living room is harmonious and balanced
For this living room, light and dark colors, different materials and patterns have been mixed to create a harmonious space that is both luxurious and sophisticated. A living room that shows luxury but still feels very warm and close to the owner is still attractive to visitors.

4. Bedroom decorated with many meticulous details
The faux fireplace decorated with candles, to the gorgeous chandeliers and rugs, no one can deny the enchanting beauty of this bedroom. The combination of contrasting bass tones with bright decorative furniture makes the room somewhat mysterious but no less elegant.

5. Colorful common room
Design the living room full of light and color with a combination of blue curtain with peacock feather pattern to draw attention to the window, the corner is filled with colorful and colorful paintings. . The room looks cluttered at first glance, but it is a bold choice to arrange and harmonize between different colors and patterns.

6. Piano room with angular decoration
When combining magnificent marble floors with a grand piano and original artwork, the space becomes luxurious, elegant and angular. This is a great idea to revamp a room and add value to all the items in it.

7. Children's room with gentle decoration
If you want to create a space for girls, the room that combines gray and purple blue is a suggestion. Gentle and peaceful at the same time, your daughter is sure to love this room no matter what stage of development she is in.

8. Breakthrough bathroom
The marble wall decor, Mazzega chandelier from Murano, Italy, and brass faucets aren't so much for a small space like a bathroom, but somehow all add up to a space that's refined. economy and mystery for your bathroom.
9. The entrance to the house is light and bright
From classic carpet colors to custom wall paintings, it's just small details that make this space area traditional but not monotonous.
10. Sophisticated and elegant bedroom
The panels on the wall, elegantly decorated canvas umbrellas make anyone entering this room also remember Europe, miss the magnificent Paris, remember the street corners, buildings, very unique rooms. which is everywhere an inspiration and material for architects and designers.
11. Living room with canvas paintings in your own style
If you are a lover of bright or light colors or are religious, you can also choose canvas paintings according to your wishes. Currently, canvas paintings are diverse in designs, sizes, colors, and themes. If you are a Christian then paintings like Jesus and lion pictureWarrior lion bible verseGod says you are canvasJesus and lion canvasGod says you are wall arthalf Jesus half lionFruits of the spirit wall art,... These are very popular canvas paintings today, that you should not miss.