Bad Effects of Poor Sleep: How Can Bamboo Pillows Help?
Bad Effects of Poor Sleep: How Can Bamboo Pillows Help?
In this blog you will come to know how bamboo pillows will help you in sound sleep.

Bamboo Pillows

Do you feel as if something is missing? Or do you stay unsatisfied and lethargic these days? 

If yes, then ask yourself one question! 'Am I sleeping properly?' Answer to this question is the answer to all the confusions!

Sleep is an unskippable process that needs to go smoothly and productive. A person may skip proper sleep for one day, or two days, or three days, but this can't happen in the long run. Food, water, and shelter form basic necessities of life but we must not forget the fact that sleep is also one of the basic necessities. Improper sleep puts an adverse impact on health, and it may be irreversible.

Why Do We Need Proper Sleep?

Proper sleep is highly important for physical and mental health. Sleep is one such phenomenon that lets the brain function better and growth hormones work efficiently. It is important for the repair of the brain and the body. For a peaceful and stable mind, for alertness, for good cognition, for better reasoning, and for better memory, quality sleep is important. So, one must turn the tables and put in extra efforts to attain healthy sleep. By making a routine, planning things, meditation, eating a balanced meal, and most importantly, by sleeping on bamboo Sleeping Pillows, one can rectify his/her poor sleeping patterns.

What Are The Effects Of Poor Sleep?

Poor sleep may result in chronic ailments too. Sleeplessness can reach a level next to insomnia. Heart health, cognition, and even digestion may get impacted badly. Let us know some more effects of poor sleep below, in detail. Hopefully, this would ring the alarm and make us aware of how proper sleep is mandatory!

  • Physical Ailments: Poor sleep may cause several physical health hazards, as mentioned above. Wrong sleeping patterns and being awake till late night can not only impact eyes, but also put a major impact on the brain, digestion, decision making, and growth of the body. An individual may become inactive, lazy, and avoid eating food. This all together adds to the problems.

  • Psychological Ailments: A poor sleeper may feel regular pressure or strain, mood swings, headaches, and lost will to do anything. Restlessness, inability to decide, impaired reasoning, low levels of energy, emotional breakdowns, inability to complete deadlines, dozing off while working, lost focus and concentration, and low feeling may emerge with loss of sleep.

  • Poor Relationships: Poor sleep may also affect personal and professional relationships. As loss of sleep disturbs the inner peace and decision making, it may impact negatively on the relationships. Struggling between wanting to sleep and wanting to invest in emotions and responsibilities will make life nothing more than a mess! So, having quality sleep becomes important. Fresh mind will be able to make better decisions and love people back with warmth.

  • Poor Sex Life: Undoubtedly, loss of sleep can result in loss of love and intimacy. It requires 100% efforts from both ends, with energy, with passion, and with enthusiasm. What vibes would a partner with low energy and half-shut eyes give? Extreme tiredness, lethargy, low mood, and deliberate trying can kill the emotions and feelings. If this continues, it may also indicate 'The End'! So, one must sleep well to rock in the personal life.

  • Impact On Physical Appearance: Mostly, how we look either raises our confidence bar or lowers it! Loss of sleep slowly and steadily becomes visible. Dark circles, puffy eyes, pale face, dryness, lines, aging signs, loss of glow and moisture on face, or falling hair strands may become evident due to improper sleep.

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How Bamboo Pillows Give Healthy Sleep?

Bamboo pillows naturally help to heal the users. From giving a breathable sleep to becoming a partner in stressful times, such pillows work wonders.

  • Hypoallergenic: For hypoallergenic sleep, bamboo pillows can be trusted. Allergic reactions are common to sensitive sleepers. Tiny bugs hide in the pillows and covers and later on, cause headache, sneezing, cold, running nose, etc. while sleeping. But bamboo pillows are hypoallergenic, safe, and secure!

  • Moldable: Bamboo pillows are usually malleable and flexible. Sleepsia prepares a great range of flexible bamboo pillows that have the filling of shredded memory foam. This filling makes the pillow malleable. Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows mold according to the body and hold the users like a baby.

  • Breathable: These pillows have shreds of memory foam that allow the air to pass through them easily. Continuous air circulation makes the pillow breathable. Chances of suffocation are reduced with such pillows. Moreover, the natural touch of bamboo in the fabric of covers adds to the freshness and breathability.

  • Suitable For All: These pillows are perfect for back sleepers, for side sleepers, and for tummy sleepers too. Their flexibility and the ability to maintain the alignment make them suitable for all.

  • Stop Wear And Tear: Muscular wear and tear, pain in the neck or back, stiff shoulders, or painful joints affect our sleep. But these pillows are supportive in issues such as cervical, spondylosis, migraine, sleep apnea, etc. Their breathability and their flexibility together help in reducing ailments.


Experts recommend having healthy pillows for a healthy sleep. Now that we all know how poor sleep can give rise to diseases, it becomes our responsibility to choose the best pillows for best sleep. Without a doubt, soft, smooth, and flexible bamboo pillows can be chosen for the same! But along with it, all we need to do is-

  • Prepare a planner with all the duties.

  • Balance the circadian rhythms and follow a strict routine.

  • Never skip breakfast and healthy meals.

  • Avoid caffeine, binge-watching, sharp lights and music, and tight clothes before going to sleep.

  • Do not over think, rather meditate and exercise.

  • Listen to motivational, spiritual, or light music, or play sleep affirmations before going to bed.