How to increase reach and engagement on Instagram
How to increase reach and engagement on Instagram
Is there a reason why every marketer should pay attention to engagement and reach on Instagram?

How to increase reach and engagement on Instagram

Is there a reason why every marketer should pay attention to engagement and reach on Instagram?

The reason is that Instagram is the largest and most heavily used social media platform. It is the sixth most popular used mobile application worldwide, accessed by more than a billion people each month.

A significant aspect of the platform is its visual marketing and video content promotion.

There are, however, some proven techniques that you can use to increase your exposure quickly; making sure your content gets more views from your own Instagram followers UK as well as people from the target audience that you haven’t been able to connect with them yet.

Top-tier tips to increase reach and engagement on Instagram


●     Post less.

By reducing the number of posts you publish, you can significantly expand your audience. Produce high-quality content when you post less. The rest of your time can be spent crafting posts that are relevant to your brand, and that your audience will enjoy and respond to.

If you concentrate on good content rather than quantity, you will surely attract the audience you are looking for.

●     Capitalize on user-generated content

On a quantitative basis, user-generated content has a 50% higher level of trustworthiness than non-user-generated content. In other words, re-posting something your followers have created for and about your brand will greatly improve your brand’s reputation, so it is a highly valuable tactic.

User-generated content works well for blogs and websites as well; showcasing user-generated content or running contests to generate user content not only turns users into brand advocates but also drives engagement.

Posting content created by followers will likely increase your reach when you post it. Engaged buy active Instagram likes UK will feature you on their feeds, and your engagement will skyrocket.

●     Time your posts well.

Depending on the brand, the right time to post may differ. You can track when most of your Instagram followers are active if you have an Instagram Business profile.

What is its significance? That engagement will likely be higher when your post is posted during a period of high activity. If your post has high engagement, Instagram’s algorithm will rank it higher.

In terms of engagement, the better your post looks, the more likely it is to appear on the Explore tab!

●     Content from Instagram must be cross-posted.

If you’re trying to get more Instagram followers UK, you have to look beyond the app for followers.

To increase your social media following, encourage followers on one platform to follow you on other platforms as well. When posting on other social media, be careful to pick the posts you want to share! It’s best not to have too many accounts that look alike.

Facebook may be a better place to cross-post videos and IG stories than Pinterest. It is recommended that you use IGTV and cross-post it on YouTube if you have longer content to share.

●     Communicate more and better.

Instagram is a bidirectional social media channel for interaction. Engagement with your content requires your engagement with your audience. Let them know you appreciate their likes and comments, answer their questions, and maybe follow and like their accounts back.

With a strong social media presence on this platform, you can instantly attract more Instagram followers UK who are looking to relate to your brand persona, interesting content, and engaging posts

●     Post On Social Media on Holidays

Make Instagram more engaging by taking advantage of the spike in hashtag traffic during social media holidays! In celebration of holidays, content is planned by a variety of brands and influencers.

Your viewers will be more inclined to be involved with the fashions and topics they are passionate about, even if there is a social media occasion for each industry.

Using the social media holiday hashtag is also a good idea, so your post will be featured on the Hashtag Story and you’ll get more exposure! A broader audience means a greater opportunity for engagement.

●     Use your captions to ask questions

If Your goal is to get comments, so ask questions in your captions to engage your followers. Simple calls to action are more effective than ever, especially with attention spans dwindling rapidly.

Getting opinions, ideas, and inspiration from others is a great way to get started since people love to share their ideas.

Answer all of the comments on Instagram! Don’t be afraid to engage your followers with your posts, and show how much you appreciate their opinions. It will only be beneficial to your Instagram engagement if you foster and nurture this community.

●     Run A Contest

As Instagram contests typically require liking and commenting on posts, they’re a great way to increase engagement. Posts will rise in the algorithm, and attract new Instagram followers UK if participants ‘tag’ others.

It’s a smart idea to give away a product or subscription when you have an Instagram campaign! Free giveaways are the most popular kind of Instagram promotion!

A photo contest can also work well if your niche is more creative since contestants posting a photo of something within the theme you set can be a great way to engage your audience. It is important to use a unique hashtag so all entries can be tracked!

Make sure you outline the following when hosting an Instagram contest:

  • Entry procedures
  • A description of the prize
  • Entry deadline
  • The winner’s announcement

●     Engage other accounts in collaboration


You can also increase engagement on Instagram by collaborating! When you focus on partnering with brands and influencers who target the same market as you, your content will be tailored to a whole new audience.

A collaboration on Instagram can be in the form of a takeover, a contest, an influencer campaign, or even a brand partnership. Partners are particularly helpful when it comes to contests because they increase engagement on the post and double your reach.

●     Animal Content

Animal-themed Instagram posts receive higher engagement, did you know? A post featuring pets can generate up to 295% more comments than a post without (Source).

There is an undeniable fact that humans love animals. It has been very successful for brands to exploit this flaw on Instagram, even creating a hashtag for trendy (dog-friendly) co-working space WeWork. Take some photos of your pet and post them on Instagram to increase engagement!


Instagram engagement can be increased in several ways, and they are easy and low-cost for any brand.

Keeping track of everything is the most important thing, though. Utilize Instagram Insights to determine the most successful content types.

Create posts your audience loves by testing and perfecting your content strategy. Instagram engagement and reach will increase as a result of this, along with your community-building efforts!