QuickBooks Hosting – Cloud Computing for QuickBooks
QuickBooks Hosting – Cloud Computing for QuickBooks
QuickBooks Hosting – Cloud Computing for QuickBooks

QuickBooks Hosting – Cloud Computing for QuickBooks

QuickBooks hosting has opened another dimension for QuickBooks users. QuickBooks by Intuit is one of the world’s best bookkeeping software programs. It has empowered small and big businesses to complete accounting and balancing easier and even automate several processes. For a long time, users could store their QuickBooks data on their local computer or servers only. This means that you could access information for your QuickBooks account only from your PC on which such data was stored. But present-day technologies have accelerated the pace at which any company carries out many of its processes because users now have on-the-go access to most of the information they need. Using QuickBooks hosting service offers a similar advantage.  


How does QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service work? 

There are many QuickBooks hosting providers that offer cloud hosting for QuickBooks. Once you have chosen a dedicated cloud host, you can upload your licensed copy of QuickBooks to their cloud servers.  

After you set up QuickBooks cloud hosting, you can access it efficiently from anywhere, provided you have internet access that will be yours.

With all your QuickBooks data saved on the cloud, creating frequent backups will not be necessary any longer since this is done automatically by the cloud servers. This makes the data easily accessible to anyone authorized to access your licensed copy of QuickBooks software e.g. your accountant, bookkeeper, or employee.


Get Personalised Consultation for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting by QuickBooks Specialists

Support for QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting will rely on the nature of the problem you face with the program. At times the cloud hosting provider will be required to look into server problems or programs that may be interfering with the software, at other times you may require help with the QuickBooks software program itself. 

Since support is divided between the two providers you may have to identify the source of the problem before talking to QuickBooks or the cloud host.  


Top 7 Advantages of using Cloud hosting for QuickBooks Desktop

If you have been pondering over the question of whether QuickBooks Cloud hosting is right for you or not, then consider weighing the benefits and problems to figure out if it is the right solution for your business. The top 7 Advantages of using cloud hosting for QuickBooks are given below: 


1. Lower overhead costs – you save on the cost of storing and protecting data locally. Instead, you simply buy a QuickBooks license and pay for the hosting service.

The cloud host is liable for the security of the servers on which your software is being hosted. You do not incur any maintenance costs for maintaining the equipment and upgrading to the latest technologies. This drives the QuickBooks Cloud hosting service to be more viable for QuickBooks users.


2. Improved end-user experience – Since cloud hosting allows software programs to be accessed fast and easily from anywhere, users will have the freedom to work anytime anywhere. 

This makes it possible for business owners to efficiently access important information even when they are traveling or are on a vacation. Undue delays can be prevented, and team collaborations become a lot more comfortable.


3. Better productivity – Accounting often involves several approvals before a sale or a purchase is completed. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, an individual can approve a document even when they are not in the office. This guarantees that a piece of work can be completed with the least delays. As a result, productivity boosts up, and your accounting team can invest more time doing their work rather than waiting for approvals. 


4. Easy accessibility – Accessibility is the key for anyone who prepares to take their QuickBooks software program to the cloud. This is the greatest advantage of using cloud hosting services. Users can avoid visiting the office on their day off simply because a critical document on QuickBooks needs to be accessed. 


5. Round-the-clock support – QuickBooks provides 24/7 support for QuickBooks to its users through phone on QuickBooks hosting support. In addition to this, you must also select the Best QuickBooks Hosting Provider that provides round-the-clock support. This will guarantee that your accounting team can rely on technical and customer support anytime they face a problem with QuickBooks or the server.  


6. Data security – Cloud hosting providers have a powerful security system in place to ensure that your data is safe and secure. They can spend a significant amount of cash on security because cloud hosting is their core work. Greater security is necessary for them to maintain their market reputation and ensure that the clients do not suffer data breaches. Since this is not your core work, the security of locally stored data may not be as high as the level of protection provided by cloud hosting providers.  


7. Disaster recovery – Disaster recovery is a lot more manageable since the data is saved on cloud servers and may usually have multiple backups based on the cloud hosting provider’s terms. In the absence of cloud hosting, tragedy recovery could be a time-consuming task. Sometimes you may even end up losing necessary work.  


How has QuickBooks Desktop Hosting changed the user experience?

Cloud hosting for QuickBooks has allowed better accounting for small and medium businesses who want to be able to access their business information on the go. The advantages of using QuickBooks cloud hosting service have made many business owners move to the cloud.

 Any issues or concerns in using QuickBooks cloud hosting usually stem from the quality of the internet users. Your dependence on the internet will rise if you plan to host QuickBooks on the cloud. You must even research the cloud hosting providers to choose those that provide adequate features and a strong support system. It is almost important to select providers who have been approved by Intuit.  

Additionally, there are moments when there may be server outages. If this happens, you must be prepared for it and your crew should be prepared to handle accounting when there is a server outage. These can be considered some regions of concern for users of the QuickBooks cloud hosting service.  



It is always good to know the issues you may face and the benefits you would enjoy before you decide to proceed with the service or not. 

Several cloud hosting service providers have built a good market reputation for themselves. One of the best QuickBooks hosting providers is Apps4Rent which will provide your business with the topmost service all over the United States.