Why do you Need Yoga Booking Software?
Why do you Need Yoga Booking Software?
If you are hunting for booking software for your yoga studio you must be aware of the deciding features of the software.

If you are hunting for booking software for your yoga studio you must be aware of the deciding features of the software. This should include the ones like that be easy to use, user-friendly layout, keeps a record, easy to manage staff and clients.

This software can easily overwhelm you with a lot of features and little bit changes in every one of them. The business owner needs to know his requirements beforehand to make the right decision.

What is the role of the Scheduler?

The scheduler is the most important feature of any business dealing with customer care services. It makes everyone able to see their due tasks and upcoming appointments. The scheduler has its two-way importance for clients and staff, equally.

The scheduler can be accessed by anyone, trainers can easily put-up sessions and classes from anywhere through the mobile application. And clients or customers can easily book themselves to your session along with paying for it with no effort.

Improved revenue of Studio using Software:

The use of software can make your revenue go high. And will make you able to see and observe every lost and won lead including the source of the lead. That’s how you can also see what sources of your studio business need improvements.

The more your business has satisfied customers the more the sales would be, hence increased revenue. The yoga studio business plans is the easiest way to handle customer care of a yoga studio these days in an efficient way.

The conventional method of booking

The conventional method of booking an appointment with a service provider like a gym, salon, spa, etc. was not as easy as it was before. People were needed to call which was not a reliable method due to the factor of human error and load of clients on one single phone.

Another way was to reach the yoga studio in person and get yourself an appointment for the time you want. The problem isn’t finished by just putting your name in the register along with a time. There are still many things that could go wrong like losing the register, double booking of your trainer with you and another person at the same time.

Why conventional method was a disaster?

The conventional method of booking was a disaster with a lot of variables along with great percentages of error. The management staff needed to receive calls from so many people daily everyone with a different set of questions, someone wants the information about the timings of the studio, someone wants detailed information on the membership and benefits, someone just wants to book an appointment for tomorrow.

Prioritizing every factor and dividing it into different people is important because an ordinary human mind can never be able to do all these tasks without going insane. Even if someone claims to handle these tasks the factor of human error is still unresolved. This means a lot of double booking and data loss which is not beneficial for a business’s customer engagement.

Customer’s loyalty is increased using software

Using the software makes customers able to step up from the first level and helps develop trust. Which is the first step towards loyalty. If a customer is happy that means he would want to come again which makes him a loyal customer. But the first step is to make him happy which can only be done by facilitating the client as much as possible.

 Customer engagement is an important factor in the business which runs on customers satisfaction. likewise using software makes clients in charge of things like choosing the time of their choice.

Enhanced payment methods

Multiple payments allow the customer to pay for the service they enjoyed themselves with. Options of debit cards and credit cards both give you a choice to choose whatever suits you better. In the same way, you can pay in person at the studio, if you are not satisfied with online payments. 

Features of software


The automation feature of thisyoga booking software can handle every basic task, that the management staff of the yoga studio needs to take care of around the clock. In the same way, this feature allows them to automate tasks which doesn’t need much human supervision. Like sending the confirmation emails tailored to the client’s name, updating the scheduler, handling the membership prospects easily, etc.


The waitlist feature of the software arranges the load of classes itself. It makes one able to put a class on the waitlist easily through application and get notified if a spot shows up. So, this feature proves to be helping in improving customer engagement.

It connects the customer at the hour of need to the service they need from the studio. Which plays animportant role in developing trust.Wellyx provides you with software that every business owner can look for.

Everything on one dashboard

The dashboard allows you to access everything in your yoga studio business. This includes each activity of the staff members and clients, your lead generation, payments history, and record of every activity saved on servers.

The software can allow the trainer to look at any client’s medical. And personal profile easily to check if in any case, the trainer has some doubts about the health factor of the client. But doesn’t want to talk to them directly so they might get worried for no reason.