Top decorate a beautiful home
Top decorate a beautiful home
Beautiful home decoration often involves a lot of factors. And it is important that you choose the decoration style to suit your preferences and style.

Talk about how to decorate your home beautifully. You can choose from many ways such as using decorative patterns or arranging a beautiful home thanks to the way you arrange and decorate your home's furniture, decorate your garden with wall plants and flowers. beautiful or unique wall decoration in living room, bedroom with cement tiles, wooden house decoration, wallpaper, ...

Here are some beautiful ways to decorate your home with some unique Decor styles that you can manually decorate your home to become beautiful, interesting and cost-effective you should refer to.
Gardening the wall, decorating the wall with green plants
Walls are an important element that occupies a large area in the house, so beautiful wall decoration brings a big change. There are many ideas for you to create beautiful home spaces with beautiful wall decorations such as: wall gardening, using beautiful flowers to decorate the wall or planting plants hanging on the wall... bear, green.
Making green wall decoration for outdoor and indoor wall are both suitable. Depending on the needs of each family, plants can be used to decorate the fence with plants grown on the wall. Or you can decorate the living room wall with plants according to your needs.
It is important that you choose a plant that is suitable for the lighting conditions, terrain, indoor and outdoor climate, and how to take care of it, you will have beautiful and creative indoor and outdoor plant walls.

Currently, the wall trend is often using flowers for wall cladding, decorating green plants on the wall ... this not only helps to make the space beautiful but also improves the quality and atmosphere of the living environment.
How to plant trees on the wall should pay attention to choosing green plants suitable for the area, housing style, nature of space use and climate. Usually the selection is as follows:

Decorating the space with wall-mounted green plants, planted on the wall should choose small, not too large, tall and fast growing plants. At the same time, it should be noted that you should choose plants on the wall with colors that are in harmony with the color of the wall, avoiding colors that are too colorful to create good art.
In addition, you should try to choose plants with good vitality in harsh conditions, easy to design or beautiful ornamental plants with good feng shui meaning.

Should choose plants that use hydroponic growing method, medium to facilitate care, cleaning and help make the home space more beautiful, green trees all year round.

How to decorate the house from handmade items
The way to decorate houses is quite diverse according to style, area, housing architecture as well as investment costs. There are many beautiful home decor models from old items, paper, handmade items, etc. to help you create a unique, creative, and extremely interesting space for the person who created it.
Therefore, in parallel with the reasonable arrangement of interior decorations in the house, you can completely decorate your impressive handmade home.

Decorate your home with color
Color is one of the simple ways to make a home space different. Depending on your preferences and architectural design style, you can choose wall paint colors: white, green, yellow... or combine them in many different spaces to create accents. 

Beautiful home decor
Interior space has a great influence on the beauty of the house and the comfort in daily life. Therefore, beautiful home decoration cannot ignore the interior decoration element in the house.

In order to have beautiful home decoration styles, choosing the interior decoration of the house should pay attention to the following principles:

Consider the space to arrange the functional rooms reasonably and choose the right furniture.
Furniture for home decoration must have a function to suit needs and space
Designs and colors ensure harmony with the house and layout
Beautiful house layout needs to pay attention to interior decoration of small, narrow or wide houses, house length and depth to be able to balance the space and be most useful when used. Jesus and lion canvas