How Safe Is Glass Balustrade Stairs?
How Safe Is Glass Balustrade Stairs?
We hope you’re reassured by our findings. We certainly are. Glass Stair Balustradeare an excellent choice for your home, whether it be for stairs or balconies.

The balustrade is one of the most important elements in a staircase, and it can make or break the aesthetics of your home. It's certainly true that choosing glass balustrades for stairs adds elegance to your home and makes it look more modern. 

However, safety should always be your first priority when making any design decisions for your home. Glass Stair Balustrade are very popular because they offer style as well as practicality; however, they're not without their risks. In this article we'll explore what exactly a glass balustrade is and how it works, plus discuss why you might not want one if you have small children or pets at home!

What is a glass balustrade?

A glass balustrade is a railing that’s made of glass, usually in the shape of an L or U-shape. It’s popular for stairs because it provides a stylish look and is quite functional—you can see through it to admire the view and know exactly when someone is coming up or down the stairs, making it easy to step aside if you need to.

Although glass balustrades are a popular choice for home renovations and new homes, they do come with some safety concerns that homeowners should be aware of before making their decision about installing one.

Glass balustrades and stairs

The glass balustrade is a safety feature used to cover stairs. It is made from glass and can be used on both straight and curved staircases. It's a good idea to make your stairs safer using this product as it is available in a range of styles, colors and materials.


Glass Stair Balustrade


Creating glass balustrades for stairs

When you want to create a stairway, balcony, walkway or bridge and want to use glass balustrade in your project you need to think about the following things:

  • The depth of the balustrade.
  • The width of the balustrade.
  • The height of the balustrade.

Glass balustrades safety when using stairs

It's important not to forget that a glass balustrade is not indestructible. While glass is strong, it can be broken and if it breaks, it will break into large pieces which could cause serious injury. This means that you need to ensure that children and pets are always supervised when around glass balustrades as they have been known to break with very little provocation. 

Additionally, if you have mobility issues or any kind of disability this may also prevent you from using a glass balustrade due to the risk of falling through them if you trip or stumble over your feet while walking downstairs.

Buying glass balustrades

Before you buy glass balustrades, it's important to know what they are and the differences between tempered and laminated glass.

Glass stairs are built using tempered or laminated glass. They can be used in both residential and commercial settings, such as hotels, offices and homes. Glass balustrades differ from staircases because they are not enclosed on all sides but have a handrail running along one side to prevent users from falling off the structure.

Benefits of Glass Stair Balustrade:

  • They provide a modern look that is easy on the eye - with their sleek design creating a minimalist feel in any space
  • They're an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable way to update their home without having to replace everything at once (such as replacing traditional timber)

You can make your home safe, functional, and stylish with the right glass balustrades

Glass balustrades are an easy way to add style and functionality to your home. The glass panels are strong enough to support the weight of people, and they’re also durable enough to withstand high winds and inclement weather conditions.

In addition to being sturdy, glass balustrades look great too! With the right combination of shapes, textures, and colours, you can use glass balustrades as a handrail or as a decorative feature for your stairways and balconies. Glass balustrades are also very versatile—you can choose from many different designs depending on how much privacy you want in your space (or how much sunlight).


We hope you’re reassured by our findings. We certainly are. Glass Stair Balustradeare an excellent choice for your home, whether it be for stairs or balconies. Not only do they add style and elegance, but they’re also safe to use when there are children around—so no more worrying about them hurting themselves if they fall off the edge of a balcony!

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