Introducing the Ultimate Workout Pro Stack
Introducing the Ultimate Workout Pro Stack
Introducing the Ultimate Workout Pro Stack



Every person who has started a fitness journey has a certain picture in their head of what they want to achieve with their new lifestyle. Whether you want to gain muscle mass or perfect your physique, your body needs the energy to achieve its ultimate results. Irrespective of what your health and fitness goals might be, there are supplements that can help to push your body during each stage—pre and intra—of a workout. 



As the name suggests, a pre-workout supplement should be taken before you exercise. Pre-workout supplements are known to provide you with energy, motivation and mental clarity. These supplements will help you to feel more prepared and focused before a workout session.



Intra means “in the middle” and is therefore designed to be consumed during a training session to maximise your performance. Intense physical activity can take all the energy out of your body, making it difficult to implement maximal intensity and ultimately preventing you to reach your fitness goals. An intra-workout supplement can be consumed to keep your body hydrated and to maintain energy levels during a training session. Adding an intra-workout supplement to your fitness routine could just be what your body needs to take your training to the next level.



Using a combination of pre- and intra-workout supplements can fill the nutritional gaps that your body might need while exercising. A pre-workout supplement can result in motivation and focus, while an intra-workout supplement can encourage muscle gains, endurance and muscle recovery. Pre- and intra-workout supplements also play a pivotal role in breaking fitness plateaus.



USN now offers The Ultimate Workout Pro-Stack, consisting of XTS Pump N.O. and BCAA 12:1:1. What makes this workout box unique? It is an all-in-one extreme training system that will provide enhanced energy levels and gains, extreme vasodilation (a mechanism to enhance blood flow to areas of the body that are lacking oxygen and/or nutrients) resulting in peak nutrient circulation and absorption, while enhancing muscle performance and endurance, increasing lean muscle mass and increasing recovery and speed.


XTS Pump N.O. contains a premium blend of pump-peaking ingredients, giving you the edge needed to break through plateaus and beat personal bests.



  • FitNOx: It increases nitric oxide (NO) levels up to 336%, thereby increasing vasodilation and blood flow.

  • Citrulline malate: A vasodilator that can increase blood flow and endurance.

  • Beetroot: It triggers vasodilation for optimal blood flow to active muscles.

  • Nicotinic acid: It delivers improved muscle pumps and enhanced energy levels.

  • Caffeine: It improves energy and mental focus.

  • Dynamine™: It ignites sustained energy and endurance without the crash.

  • Betaine anhydrous: It is known to boost power and strength.

  • L-theanine: It can assist with mental focus and cognitive function and can reduce anxiety.

  • Beta-alanine: It promotes blood flow to active muscles, increasing peak performance output.

  • AgmaPure®: It increases focus, endurance and pump volume.

  • Carbohydrates: A carbohydrate blend containing waxy maize for rapid glycogen replenishment.

  • AstraGin: It enhances absorption of active ingredients.

BCAA 12:1:1

BCAA 12:1:1 is a zero sugar, zero sodium, stimulant-free refreshing BCAA drink with a super ratio of 12:1:1. Leucine, contributing to the factor of the 12 in the ratio, aids in muscle protein synthesis resulting in intense performance and lean muscle building and maintenance. Glutamine has been added to BCAA 12:1:1 to aid in muscle recovery and protection. BCAA is designed to help you perform better and for longer, increase lean muscle mass and recover faster.




  • Leucine: A 5.1 g powerful anabolic trigger. Leucine activates the mTOR pathway for muscle growth. It also prevents catabolism, increases insulin sensitivity, and enhances fat metabolism and recovery.

  • Isoleucine: It significantly increases glucose uptake and use during exercise, which increases energy and endurance.

  • Valine: It promotes muscle growth and tissue repair and may reduce stiffness.

  • Glutamine: It protects muscle mass, immunity and intestinal health.

  • Chromium: It helps with blood sugar control.

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