Essential Things You Should Know Before Visiting a Peadiatric Orthodontics
Essential Things You Should Know Before Visiting a Peadiatric Orthodontics
Here are factors to consider when choosing pediatric dentists. Make your child’s first dental visit a success by modeling positive attitudes and behaviors

Parenting is a tough job and you can never be too careful about your child’s health. As a parent, you must look after your child’s overall health and this includes their dental health. Apart from ensuring that they brush their teeth twice a day, floss regularly, and eat nutritious food, you must also take them to the Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry every six months or so for regular check-ups. 


Things You must know about Pediatric Orthodontics 


It is also highly likely that at some point you will have to visit a pediatric Orthodontist in Carlsbad, Ca. However, before your very first visit, there are some things that you should be aware of. This will help you in providing support to your child throughout their procedure. The following are important things you should know about pediatric orthodontics: 

  1. It’s not just about straight teeth 

Orthodontics is about dentofacial orthopedics and not just teeth. Many parents tend to focus only on the appearance of their child’s teeth. Many parents assume that if their child has straight teeth then they are good to go. However, orthodontists go beyond appearance. They monitor and examine the movement as well as the growth of the jaw. This includes looking out for signs of underbite and overbite. They use panoramic X-rays to check for tooth follicles that may have been impacted. Other than that, they also check for any missing and/or overcrowded teeth. Hence, it is advisable to take your child to the Carlsbad Orthodontics centre even if they appear to have straight teeth. 

2.            Take them to the orthodontist by the age of seven 

Parents often make the mistake of taking their children to the orthodontist too late. Orthodontists often express regret when they find themselves providing extensive treatment to kids aged 11 or 12 when they could have easily prevented the problem if the child had been brought to them earlier. Around 7 years of age, first molars erupt, and around the age of 12, most children complete their dental growth. Early orthodontic intervention can help in preventing the need for more painful and extensive procedures later in life. It is advisable to take your kid to the Children’s Dentist in Carlsbad when they turn 7. 

3.            Understanding New Developments 

Just like most other fields, new developments in the field of orthodontics take place consistently. For instance, a decade or so ago, people had no other option than to wear permanent metal braces. As a result, many adults refused to get their teeth straightened. But today, most orthodontists offer the option of invisible braces. Similarly, pediatric orthodontists were earlier worried about the low compliance rates among children with respect to removable aligners. Today, aligners with built-in compliance indicators are available. This makes it much easier to handle the issue. Having an understanding of the latest orthodontic technologies can help you in putting your kids at ease. 



Don’t forget that the internet is full of useful information and resources. Directly talking to a professional is also helpful. You can always ask your dentist for recommendations and you can also ask your friends and family members. Make sure that the pediatric orthodontist you choose is well-trained.