Botox: My experience
Botox: My experience

My experience with Botox in Dubai Novomed clinic was nothing short of spectacular! I truly believe that they’re the best dermatology clinic in Dubai!

Although I am young and have not yet experienced significant skin aging, I was interested in Botox to prevent existing wrinkles from intensifying and new wrinkles from developing. My biggest concern was the noticeable crease on my forehead and around my eyes.

A friend referred me to the Novomed office and said they have the best plastic surgeon in Dubai! She told me all about the cosmetic procedures she’s done at Novomed, and I was astonished at how natural her complexion looked.

I quickly browsed their website to learn more about the treatment they offer for skin aging and found an endless array of options that dazzled me. I decided that the best thing to do was to visit the clinic and meet an expert to advise me on the best wrinkles treatment.

I called the office on their free line and was greeted by a cooperative staff who worked with me to set a consultation at a convenient time for me. On the day of my appointment, I found Novomed’s team to be highly professional regarding punctuality, insurance protocols, and answering queries.

Once I met my dermatologist, I knew for sure that I was in great hands. She was very knowledgeable while examining my skin and understanding my needs and aesthetic goals. The doctor was also very honest when telling me about treatments that wouldn’t work for me.

We decided on Botox injections after she explained all of its components, benefits, and risks.

I must say the injecting process was very pleasant from start to finish. When I mentioned how nervous I was, the nurse rushed to my side to reassure me of the injecting safety and calm my nerves. The doctor examined my face carefully to determine the injection points and establish how many shots I would need. The

treatment sites were thoroughly cleaned with alcohol; then, the dermatologist began injecting Botox with a thin needle.

Immediately following the injections, the health workers instructed me on post-treatment care. They advised me not to lie down for four hours after the procedure, stop exercising for the first twenty-four hours, and not to fly for forty-eight hours. I did not experience any bruising; however, some people do develop some swelling after their treatments, which usually fades after a few days.

I am incredibly satisfied with my results! The wrinkles on my forehead are completely gone, and the lines causing my makeup to crease have softened. Thank you Novomed for your amazing service.