5 Ways Coffee Can Be Beneficial for Your Skin!
5 Ways Coffee Can Be Beneficial for Your Skin!
Coffee is not only a savoury drink, but it also possesses many advantages for our skin. With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it comes in handy for plenty of skin problems and skin care.

Coffee can be suitable for more tasks than just giving us an energy boost during the day. Ground coffee nuts contain antioxidants, fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory products, which can aid many of our skin troubles. As coffee is reasonably priced and natural, the skin care qualities make it one of the most efficient skin care products. Because of fatty acids and caffeine, doctors recommend it for people facing skin issues such as acne and eczema. We can use coffee in many ways, such as a scrub, mask, face wash, etcetera. Here are some benefits of using coffee on your skin:

Benefits of Coffee On Your Skin!

1) Anti-aging

The quality that makes coffee one of the best anti aging products is the presence of polyphenols. It gives the skin a taut look and fades ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines. All of which contribute to a youthful and refreshed appearance.

You can make a coffee mask at home mix coffee powder, turmeric, and yoghurt. Then apply it for about 20 minutes before rinsing off.

Doing this about three times a week works great.

2) Helps with irritation

Coffee has the opposite effect on our skin as on our body when we consume it as a beverage. Unlike making us restless and energetic, coffee relaxes our skin. The antioxidants present, as well as the anti-inflammatory products, can be applied while trying to soothe sun-damaged skin. It reduces redness, moisturizes the skin, and prevents more  UV rays from harming us.

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3) Treats dark circles

The caffeine in coffee on application under the eyes helps increase the blood flow in your blood vessels by dilating them. Once the vessels dilate, dark circles fade. Caffeine is the main product in eye creams and patches for dark circles.

A coffee paste can do wonders in this area. All you need is olive oil and coffee powder. Mix a few drops of water, olive oil, and coffee powder. Apply it under your eyes and let it dry. Keep still for five minutes, and then wash it off. Doing this two to three times a week shows phenomenal results. 

4) Lessens acne

Along with anti-inflammatory qualities and antioxidants, coffee secrets other antimicrobials and chlorogenic acid, which help fight acne and other skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Coffee scrub works great for acne. You can make it at home by preparing a mixture of ground nut coffee powder, brown sugar, and essential oil. Apply it by rubbing it on your face and neck in a circular motion and leave it for five minutes.

You can also buy ready-made coffee scrubs and other skin care products online from experienced sources. Here Shahnaz Husain coffee scrub and other products come in use as they provide an excellent service with no complaints.

5)  Reduces cellulite

The antioxidants in coffee help in the reduction of cellulite from our bodies.

It dilates the blood vessels. It increases the rate of flow of blood through blood vessels and slowly reduces cellulite. Scrubbing regularly thrice a week will show results within two months.


Coffee, with its multitude of advantages, is a very healthy and economical alternative to many chemical-induced products we use on our skin. Its chlorogenic acids make it better and one of the best anti aging products available to us. Using coffee as Shahnaz Husain's coffee scrub can help remove the impurities and dead skin cells which block the pores. Shahnaz Husain has had fifty years of experience and happy customers. You can be sure of a great experience.