WoW Classic WotLK - Cold Weather Flying Guide
WoW Classic WotLK - Cold Weather Flying Guide
WoW Classic WotLK Cold Weather Flying Guide

WoW Classic WotLK - Cold Weather Flying Guide

In Wrath of the Lich King, flying mounts become very important in cold weather, and being able to give up hard-earned ground mounts in favor of ground mounts that can take you to the sky is invaluable because Not only is it numerically faster, but being able to ignore common obstacles, it inherently gets you to your destination faster.



How to Get Cold Weather Flying


Once in the frozen lands of Northrend, the entire extensive area is open for players to explore, which also means that players do a lot of travel during their level-up adventures in Grizzly Hills, and Icecrown Glacier, where the Lich King rules. At first, you can do this with a ground mount, but as the cold weather approaches, once you reach level 77, it's time to change your flying mount.


Players need a lot of WoW Classic WotLK Gold to upgrade to level 77. During this period, you need to do a lot of tasks to achieve this purpose. Junior players can collect materials or craft items to sell in exchange for Gold. If you have high skills, also You can kill monsters to get rewards. When you reach the required level and understand professional riding, if Druid, prepare for around 1000 WotLK Gold to learn Cold Weather Flying.


Here are the trainers who can help you learn:


    Roxi Ramrocket at K3, Storm Peaks.

    Pilot Vic at River's Heart, Sholazar Basin

    Hira Snowdawn at Krasus' Landing in Dalaran. Hira also offers the Tome of Cold Weather Flight, which allows your alts to learn Cold Weather Flying at level 68, avoiding tons of wasted time and gold.


Lower prices with a Reputation


There are several ways to bring it down with reputation. There are various reputation-based discounts available to both Alliance and Horde players. For the Alliance, reputation through the Dreadnought Crusade can reduce costs, and for the Horde, reputation through Warsong Offensives can reduce costs.


Alliance players can buy flying machines from Maigra Keenfeather in Valiance Keep in Howling Fjords, while Horde players can buy them from Wind Rider Sabamba in Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra.


If you have completed your reputation in TBC Classic, a high reputation with certain NPCs can further reduce the cost. Alliance players have Hagen Bronzewing in Honor Hold, while Horde players have Jahubo the Winged Knight of Thrallmar, both in Hellfire Peninsula.


To experience Cold Weather Flying as quickly as possible, many players may choose to acquire the Cold Weather Flying skill first. Whether you are a TBC player or a WotLK player, you can get it safely at Gold enjoys Flying skills one step ahead.