WoW: Preparing for WotLK Classic
WoW: Preparing for WotLK Classic
WoW: Preparing for WotLK Classic

In our classic Wrath of the Lich King prep guide, we've rounded up what you can do now to prepare for your upcoming adventure in Northrend. One thing that should be on the list of many players: save as much gold as possible. Things like a cold weather license to fly (1000 gold), enabling double talent award (1000 gold), purchasing the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth (20,000 gold), an expensive Dalaran ring (around 8000 gold plus later upgrades), or the early crafting of robust armor or weapons for various professions.

But we've been in the final stages of the TBC Classic era for a while now. The prices of certain items and consumables from the Sunwell are going down, and resources like Mana Thistles or special Cloths for Tailoring Specialists are no longer yielding as much gold as they did a few months ago. In this guide we want to show you how you can still earn high quality gold in TBC Classic.

Gold source #1: Gold DKP barrels

In the Classic days, we've often written about the importance of the Gold DKP meta on many Classic servers and the severe impact the meta has on gameplay and the economy. Back then, there wasn't a more effective way to get gold than successfully participating in a GDKP in a current level raid. The move from Orgrimmar to Shatas hasn't changed anything on many servers. Even now, you can put thousands of gold in each run in a relatively short amount of time. The real challenge is snagging a seat at the table in a GDKP run like this, successfully placing the bosses, and then getting a little lucky with the loot.

Leveling up with WotLK Classic Twinks

Another point mentioned at the beginning of our guide concerns upgrading new "leads" or (professional) twinks. However, most players don't want to spend too much time on familiar quests. It's much more time-saving to level up in selected dungeons. And since many players are aware of this and are willing to pay for this service, boosters can gain a lot of gold through their mages or protection paladins.

What are your hopes for the new rogue talent tree coming with World of Warcraft: Dragonflight?

WoW: Demon Hunter Talent Tree in Dragonflight - Our Desires

What are your hopes for the new demon hunter talent tree in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight?

Not only are the new characters currently being upgraded in TBC Classic, but the profession of the Azeroth warrior is also hoping to be shaped. Of course, as far as WotLK Classic is concerned, the focus is on the production sector, which will continue to offer particularly strong advantages in the era to come. Especially exciting is the new profession of inscription (because many want to get rich by selling glyphs in the first few weeks), which has to be learned from scratch. What scrolls do you need? Colors, of course, and therefore herbs from all levels! Even the farm rounds in the old classic areas are currently worthwhile. Wait until the inscriptions can be balanced before selling herbs.

World of Warcraft: Currently in TBC Classic, daily quests on the island of Quel'danas can earn enough gold WotLK Classic.

World of Warcraft: Currently, enough gold for WotLK Classic can be earned in TBC Classic through daily quests on the island of Quel'danas.

Youtuber Classic WoW Curios has been earning around 10,000 gold per week for the past few weeks just from daily quests in Burning Expedition Classic - that's what he claims in this video. That shouldn't be the max for Far Cry. Anyone who struggles through everyday life with several characters can only earn more gold through repeatable commands. The beauty of this gold farming method is that it is flexible and can be scaled down. Nobody is going to force you to complete 25 days a day. If you only have time for five or six tasks, you'll make a decent amount of gold. Additionally, there are now many different metropolises to choose from on a daily basis, such as Quel'danas Isle, Ogrila in the Razor Mountains, or the Shathar Skyguard in Tyroka Forest.