Why We Read
Why We Read
Reading can be a very personal experience or it can be a family affair. No matter how you find your reading niche, make sure you find it. Life is much more interesting between the covers of a good book.

Adventure, Love, knowledge, or Drama. Where will your next book take you? A good story opens the reader’s imagination as it soars through the written word. Your ride may be bumpy, it may be joyous, or perhaps tears may be released. Either way, you are the producer of your movie version, as the written page comes to life. Open your mind and experience life without getting your feet wet. 

My mother was an advocate of reading. Many times we would read as a family, taking turns as the book passed from one child to another; each voice bringing the characters alive. One thing my mother wanted her children to discover was that reading develops not only the mind, but also the heart. Her montra, “reading opens you to new and adventurous possibilities.” After an Introduction like that, who wouldn’t want to discover the adventure between the covers.

Do you have a favorite genre? It’s almost better if you don’t. Reading books from multiple genres allows a reader to explore their fascinations. For instance, an action packed Crime novel may stir the soul for justice and make the reader more socially aware. A Love story may excite the emotions and open the heart to possibilities. An adventure book may quicken the mind and cheer on the downtrodden. Perhaps your favorite character is the villain in the story? Books allow us a front row seat to the drama, and we are impacted by the emotional response left behind.

The Joy of Reading

“No way! That is not how I thought it would end!” This statement and others, are utterances left behind, as the last page is turned and the reader caresses the cover. The book is then respectfully placed on the shelf - a read for a later time or a book to lend a friend.

It’s almost a ritual for readers. Their books become part of their prized possessions. Their excitement is ready for the next book club or friend luncheon. They have a story to tell - but not so much to discourage another’s curiosity. Excitement & joy are shared before the reader moves on to their next reading adventure. Reading is timeless and ageless. A universal pass time shared throughout the world. We all seek peace and joy in our lives. In reading a good book, we find Joy. 

Whether you remember the joy of being read to by a parent or sibling, or you enjoy sneaking away to indulge your personal senses, reading can stimulate happy thoughts. Many of these fond memories have stayed with us for life, and have shaped our creative minds. Fortunate is the child who continues to read, whose parents continue to encourage reading and get him books to read.

Some books change our sullen exterior by making us laugh in the moment. While others stay with us by widening our horizons and introducing us to ages and places unseen. These explorations encourage us to travel the world; visually imagining places and people . What can we learn from each new horizon we explore? Are people and places really so different? Curiosity leads us through these discoveries and helps open our eyes. Who are we and what makes us divide ourselves from others? Many questions will challenge our minds. Are we open to curious accounts of people & places? 

Books really do bring us Joy. Our favorites that we read over and over leave lasting impressions. It could be something as intricate as a crime thriller or a true account of an almost impossible conquering of the highest mountain, each book brings an insight into the working of the human mind. They introduce us to challenges and how one overcomes them. Joyous is the reader of Books.

Increase Culture and Content

Having the habit of reading is the first step in opening up a person’s mind. Opportunities for learning and growth are at our fingertips. One only has to open a book and the mysteries of the world await. Having no desire to learn, limits our development. This can often lead to bias or ignorance of the world around us.  So, where can reading take us? Perhaps deep into the great blue oceans or climbing the height of the tallest peak? What can spark our intellectual curiosity? How about the road less traveled or the hidden native villages? Maybe you’re open to undisturbed nature or over populated cities? When your intellectual study is done, perhaps you can answer this question? Does culture create the tribe? Or do tribes create culture? The answer to this question is worth the adventure.

Enriches the Vocabulary

Most people learn to read shortly after they learn to speak. Learning to express oneself started at a very young age. Though this was verbal communication, it was incumbent upon the receiver to decipher the message through the grunts, cries and shrieks. As understanding increased, vocabulary developed - mostly through mimicking others. Even now, as we age, we are constantly learning through reading and talking with others. Living in an ever changing society,  requires us to enrich our speech and improve our vocabulary or risk being left behind. People who have the habit of reading are keeping up with vocabulary and communication skills. Words are a living entity - always changing intertwined with cultural meanings and popularity. Having a rich vocabulary brings greater understanding. In this context, an enriched vocabulary brings us security in an ever changing society of thoughts and ideas.

Improves Writing Fluency

Writing has always been a bit of a cultural joke. Words expressed in different Countries may be written differently, yet have the same meaning. Even in American English, there are many words that sound the same but have different meanings and spelling. This is where reading comes in. Learning to read English in your native language may impact your understanding when reading a book or even a store sign. However, the way words are sorted is through their definition. If you were to say that, “she is driving across the plain, or she is traveling on a plane,” you would see two different spellings of the same sounding word. But it's the meaning of the two that makes the sentence succinct. Reading allows the exercise of proper observation of the spelling of words. Knowing what your story is trying to express will help you know why each word choice is made.  

Improves Verbal Communication

Books are important references for the improvement of fluency in verbal communication, and serve as an aid in good diction. A man who knows how to speak properly and pronounces words correctly will not do badly when opening his mouth

Stimulates Creativity and Imagination

One way to stimulate and exercise creativity is reading. This  is a powerful tool for those seeking inspiration and who want to let their imagination flow. Perhaps you are looking to develop new projects or to seek a new direction. Creativity comes from reading. A creative person can always see beyond the obvious. 

Crime fiction books are a popular genre of literature. They are filled with multifaceted characters. These personalities can often be hard to empathize with, but no character or person is one dimensional. Behind every hero or villain is a backstory - either told by the author or imagined by the reader. Every action has a consequence - it's how we react to different situations that determine which path we choose at the forks in our roads. Are you at a fork in your life? Pick up a book and perhaps for a time you can live vicariously through your favorite character.

Reading can be a very personal experience or it can be a family affair. No matter how you find your reading niche, make sure you find it. Life is much more interesting between the covers of a good book.