What is paid guest posting?
What is paid guest posting?
Paid guest posting is the method of posting content on external resources. In some cases, articles are featured free of charge, and it is possible to display a link to your website.
And some sites only have post-sponsored content.

What is paid guest posting?

Paid guest posting is the method of posting content on external resources. In some cases, articles are featured free of charge, and it is possible to display a link to your website.

 And some sites only have post-sponsored content.


Optimizers have differing opinions regarding this link-building method, as both donor and recipient sites can be subject to penalties if they use it incorrectly.


If there is no connection between the sites, Google algorithms can detect both projects. Therefore, to avoid penalties, it is necessary to choose relevant sites and pay maximum attention to the creation of articles with added value elements.


In some cases, the importance of posting commentary is high, although such sites should not be excluded from the list of potential donors. The high price acts as a filter that excludes advertisers with low budgets.


2. The worth of Paid Guest Posts for SEO?


Even a paid guest post can enhance the position of the resource under promotion and attract the target audience. The result depends on the approach to website choice and work strategy.


Projects that post sponsored content on a regular basis aren't always just interested in the money. Site representatives often scrutinize articles before posting and have high requirements for their quality.


Guest posting is important for SEO as it allows you to receive links from reputed projects on a regular basis. And the website under the promotion can get link juice even if backlinks are marked with the Nofollow attribute because google has been treating the attribute as a sign for many years.


Advantages of guest posting:


  • Attracting target audience. Provided that the material is posted on relevant sites.


  • quick scaling. If the site profile includes links to official sites or projects of any level. Will cooperate with it.


  • Backlinks are fixed on a permanent basis. Sponsorship ensures that, over time, the links will not disappear.


  • Social media reach. Sites often make announcements on social media, and the article posted may be included in the newsletter.

3. Google’s Policy on Paid Guest Posting?

Guest posting is one of the foremost style link-building strategies. Google closely monitors links, analyzes their quality, and decides whether links are considered natural based on a number of factors.


Google representatives have made several statements about guest posting, and each time they have advised optimizers to be careful. In 2014, Matt Cutts noted that it was appropriate to forbid the use of guest blogs as a method of obtaining links.


John Mueller was also candid about posting content and links. Backlinks must be marked with sponsored and nofollow attributes. A few years ago, nofollow became a sign, and sponsored is used to mark sponsored content.

4. Search for Sites to Post Your Article?

Posting links is commonly a priority goal for website house owners. They constantly look for opportunities to get quality backlinks and find them in the form of guest posts.


Google algorithms closely monitor guest posts, and if a site posts them regularly, they may set high requirements for the quality of the posts.


  • Link exchange


  • Blog Networks


  • Social media


  •  Analysis of competitors’ backlink profiles


  • Using Google search operators


The best sites for paid guest posts are in the public domain. But with the help of search operators, you can find niche resources to publish content that you might not have seen in the first lines of search results

5 What you must think about when selecting a website for Paid Guest Posts?


Guest posting will be beneficial only if you pay enough attention to check the quality of the sites. In the beginning, you need to develop a filter that will help weed out poor-quality donors from the list.


If the SEO strategy doesn't generate traffic and leads, you can focus on monitoring the status of backlinks after they are posted. Backlinks should not be lost over time and should be countered as part of the profile.

6 Getting Started with Paid Guest Posts?


A guest posting strategy should cover all the important aspects, from choosing the right site to creating quality content. If the strategy is not well thought out, guest posts will have minimal impact.


Webmasters often wonder how Google detects whether a guest post is sponsored or not. The answer is simple: poor-quality content posted on an irrelevant site.

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