Multiplied testing; Multiple tests can be done in one experiment
Multiplied testing; Multiple tests can be done in one experiment
Multiplex diagnostics are utilized to examine organic examples and are fit for finishing the screening system in a solitary advance.

Multiplex diagnostics are used to analyse biological samples and are capable of completing the screening procedure in a single step. Multiplexing refers to the ability to detect a wide range of conditions using a single genetic diagnostic test, rather than using discrete individual procedures. As a result, diagnostic laboratories, medical practitioners, and clinical researchers are all adopting multiplexed diagnostics. Furthermore, multiplexed point-of-care diagnostics has lately acquired prominence in clinical diagnostics, with new applications in a variety of medical contexts (such as doctors' offices or directly at home).

Multiplexed diagnostic tests are used to detect and diagnose a variety of infections and disorders, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, allergies, and autoimmune diseases. Next-generation sequencing tests, low density multiplexed assays, medium density multiplexed assays, and high density multiplexed assays are examples of multiplex diagnostics assays. Early detection reduces the incidence of chronic diseases or infections, as well as the risk factors linked with them, and aids in effective treatment and management. As a result of the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases worldwide, there is a growing demand for early detection.

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