How to deal with a mid-afternoon energy slump?
How to deal with a mid-afternoon energy slump?
Does the clock strike 1, and your mind goes off? Do you feel the need to reach out to your bed, or mugging up a cup of coffee is the only way to power through the day? Well, you are not alone.

Does the clock strike 1, and your mind goes off? Do you feel the need to reach out to your bed, or mugging up a cup of coffee is the only way to power through the day? Well, you are not alone.

Mid-afternoon energy drop is a prevalent issue that many people experience. It makes us irritable, interferes with our daily activities, and it’s challenging to keep our eyes open and keep our mouth shut with the constant yawning.

But don’t worry, here are some ways pointed by Recruitment Company in Qatar to break this cycle of tiredness and get back to doing our daily work without any hindrance.

Before we understand how to prevent this drop of energy in the afternoon, let’s understand the reason behind this fatigue.

Circadian Rhythm

What is circadian rhythm? Have you heard this term before? Well, it’s our internal body clock that governs our wake and sleep cycle. Usually, our day is divided into two parts according to research, we feel the sleepiest between 2 am to 4 am and closer to that is in the noon, that is between 1 PM to 3 PM and even though this is our internal clock, it can be endogenous which means the environment and other factors can influence it.

Lack of daily movement

Considering today’s work-from-home culture, especially since COVID has hit us, our lifestyle has become even more sedentary. Even, Recruitment Agency are also operating through email or phones. So, most of us have become couch potatoes, and we are sitting at the same place, eating at the same place, and constantly staring fixedly at our screens for hours, which sap our energies.

Besides these factors, other causes like inconsistent sleepingstress, and physical issues like amnesia can also contribute to our mid-afternoon energy dip. Now, these were the reasons for feeling slumpy during the afternoon now; let’s understand how to overcome it.

Exposure to sunlight

That’s right! As I mentioned before, our circadian rhythm is endogenous, which means environmental factors govern it. At night and when our body temperature drops, we start feeling sleepy. Hence, being exposed to light gives our body a wake-up cue. Moreover, lack of sunlight causes the production of a hormone called melatonin which makes us sleepy. So, keep your curtain open, take the dose of vitamin D produced by sunlight, and be ready to stay more alert and uplifted.

Indulge in an activity

Whether it’s going outside for a walk, shifting your gym training session to afternoon, or solving a quick puzzle, any activity that persuades your brain to focus and become more mindful is a great way to rewire and reset your brain from feeling tired. Besides, these activities are also a great way to unwind from a busy morning or break the monotony from the mundane tasks.

Stay hydrated

We all know hydration is super important for our bodies. It has many benefits. Being alert and energized throughout the day is one of them because every part of our body, including our brain, needs a constant water supply.

Use the Pomodoro technique.

Now, if you haven’t heard this term before, you are at the right place because this technique will be a game-changer for you. It’s a time management technique, wherein you are supposed for 25 mins straight without any distraction. Then it is followed up by 5 mins of break, so what it does to your brain is that it makes you think that you have earned those 5 minutes of an interval as a reward, and this way, you stay attentive for 25 mins without any distractions. So when you do this technique while you are feeling low on energy during your secondary gate of sleep, it will trick your brain that you are resting, but you would be getting things done by breaking the monotony with every short interval.

So that was about all in this video. However, if you feel tired because of anxiety, depression, or PTSD, i.e., Post-traumatic stress disorder, we suggest you seek help from a professional.

Other than that, we are pretty sure that these things would help you fight that mid-afternoon energy dip and stay at the peak of your energy all day.

These are the some tips by Recruitment Company in Qatar which will surely help you to prevent this drop of energy in the afternoon & stay focused.