How to Answer the Question “Why do you want to leave your current organization?”
How to Answer the Question “Why do you want to leave your current organization?”
A recruiting company will ask you this question if you’re currently working and are looking for a new opportunity. What are your reasons for switching jobs?
Answering this question can be difficult. There is a real possibility you are unhappy with your job, but it isn’t the best answer.

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Let’s talk about a few things you should keep in mind when answering this question:

How to Answer the Question “Why do you want to leave your current organization?”

1. Do not talk badly about your company.

While HR managers may have many stories to share about candidates who took this route and critiquing their company, organizational structurereport manager, or teams, they will also tell that it is not the best way to approach this question. In an interview, it’s excellent, but it’s equally important to act professionally. Professionalism is crucial if you will express your opinion about your company. If, for example, you feel your workplace is a toxic work environment, then it’s time to say that you are looking for a better opportunity to expand your skills and to be motivated to learn new things at my current company.

2. For personal reasons and honesty

Tell the truth if you are switching because you wish to relocate to a specific city. Recruitment company wants to know your motives if you are moving for that job. For example, you can express your feelings professionally. If you’re currently working in a particular location and are seeking jobs in somewhere else due to personal reasons, tell your employer with confidence that you were the best choice to help me relocate. It makes more sense.

The Recruitment managers are also asking this question. You can tell them why your organization and the job position are better suited. You could say, “I feel outgrown in this organization,” and have spoken with some employees to confirm that.

3. Make sure to keep the answer professional.

Human resources managers seek people who are committed to their jobs. This means that you should not detail why you want to change your job. Instead, focus on the reasons that will justify your decision. Although being honest is a good idea, answering the question casually will reflect your attitude toward your job.

4. This organization was found through your research.

Another popular answer to this question is that I wasn’t looking for a new job, but I have been following you on social media or through references. You can research the company and discuss their past work and align with your ethical values. When I found out that there was an opening with your company, I couldn’t pass it up.

These are just some things you should keep in mind when answering this question. We hope your interviews go well. If you are asked this question, we expect that you will give a professional-crafted and assertive answer. If you need to practice more interview questions, visit our website ,People Dynamics, Recruitment Company in Qatar.