Difference between Web Design & Graphic Design
Difference between Web Design & Graphic Design
Web design and graphic design are the two main components of website development. Most people think that web design and graphics are somewhat the same, but they should know they both are completely different from each other. They both compliment each other but they apart from each other in structure and everything and they both serve their unique purpose.

Difference between Web Design & Graphic Design

What is Web Design???

Web design basically looks like graphic design. Web Designers are reliable for creating websites and that not only look good but load quickly. Web design is about the layout of the website sidebar, header, footer, partitions, etc. It is about framing the website so you cannot imagine a website without web design. It is very difficult to create a website, including – color, width, height, proportions, spacing, etc. Web designer becomes very careful while creating a website because they don’t afford any mistake on the website.

What is Graphic Design???

Graphic design is about creating images, banners, icons, logos, which will be used on the website in the form of a picture. Graphic Design is very eye-catching to your customers. It plays a very important role in attracting visitors or customers and informing them about your product and company. You need a very creative graphic designer So that you get more traffic on your website. A graphic designer has to make sure that while creating any image for your company; it must be easy to understand for people.

The Difference between Web Design and Graphic Design???

Most people don’t know about the difference between web design and graphic design. The main difference is the medium. The Graphic Design field has more freedom because they do not do programming, resolution, or speed. In Web design, they have to balance good design with speed and efficiency for the web. Both professions use different kinds of skills. Graphic designing focusing on artistic skills, and design and Web designing focusing on programming and speed.


After reading this you get the difference between Web design and Graphic Design. So you can select according to your requirements. This blog will help you.