5 Ways To Identify Your Leadership Style
5 Ways To Identify Your Leadership Style
In today’s world, with unprecedented levels of uncertainty, leaders have to focus more on their competencies and core skills to exhibit their ability to lead and manage through major change.

Here, are 5 ways to know your leadership style suggested by People Dynamics, Recruitment Company in Qatar.

1. Identify your personality attributes

Study the dominant traits of your personality and how those characteristics emerge at work. Analyzing your behavior is important to understand your leadership style because those traits play an important role in how you make decisions, handle stress, and communicate with the team.

2. Know your values

Respect, authenticity, integrity, and courage are a few examples of value traits which can affect you consciously and subconsciously, how you will lead your team. When you focus on beliefs and values, you can positively build your leadership qualities and abilities.

3. Observe Your Leaders

Traits of the leaders whom we admire and follow, subconsciously affect the way we make decisions and behave in a certain situation. Take time to think and analyze the qualities of such leaders and how they apply them. This will help you to fine-tune your leadership style.

4. Know Your Weaknesses

To be a great leader, it is equally important to understand your weaknesses and learn how they can affect your leadership role. Knowing your weak areas will help you to strengthen them and also show your authenticity.

5. Ask For Feedback

No leadership personality quiz can give a comprehensive understanding of your leadership style unless you ask for feedback from those you lead. Feedback about your leadership skills will give you a better understanding of your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and perceived values.


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