10 Top Soft Skills Employers are Looking for in 2022
10 Top Soft Skills Employers are Looking for in 2022
At first glance, soft talents appear to be soft (simple) to learn, yet they are not. No offence meant, but one's career can be made or broken by both hard and soft skills.

At first glance, soft talents appear to be soft (simple) to learn, yet they are not. No offence meant, but one's career can be made or broken by both hard and soft skills.

Soft talents require patience, hard work, and perseverance to develop because they are the product of life lessons and experiences. 97% of employers, according to a survey by SHRM, think soft skills are equally important when hiring new employees.

According to research, a lack of soft skills contributed to 89% of employees failing within 18 months of employment. The top soft skills that employers will value in 2022 are listed below.


1. Adaptability

During the COVID-19 epidemic, we have experienced a lot of firsts. Adapting to new changes, whether it’s about life, the workplace, or technology, one must be adapting to new changes.

Using technology while working from home, video conferencing, online meetings and presentations are the default modes of communication in 2022.

A person with strong adaptability will therefore be more likely to stand out, as this is one of the key soft skills employers will be looking for in 2022.


2. Communication

Until you can promote yourself, your skills are worthless. The best approach to market oneself on the job market is through your communication skills. If you think you have excellent communication abilities, show them off in job interviews and on your professional resume.

Elaborate on your relevant job experience that reflects your expertise in communication.

3. Management of time

As businesses transition to partially or fully remote work environments in 2021, time management will rank among the most important soft skills employers look for.

As an employer of management recruiters, anyone would expect productivity whether working from the office, home, or anywhere else. Time management means you are aware of your work, projects, and schedule, and know how to manage your time accordingly.

The most significant and sought-after soft skills in 2022 are time management.


4. Intelligence in Emotions

Emotional intelligence is a remarkable ability that aids in understanding, assessing, and reacting to your and other people's emotions. As per a report, 30%-40% of future occupations will be reliant on social emotions and emotional intelligence.

Employers will prioritise having this expertise in 2022. Therefore, it's a crucial but difficult interpersonal skill to adopt or develop.


5. Active Hearing

Being able to listen intently, understand what is being said, and then respond thoughtfully is all that active listening entails. Anyone can learn this talent quickly.

You can be more productive, your mood will improve, and you can establish better relationships with your coworkers if you have high active listening abilities.


6. Growth Mentality

The growth mentality comes next on the list of the top soft talents companies will be looking for in 2022. A growth mindset sees failure as a chance to improve oneself and achieve in life. By discussing your vision and long-term objectives, as well as how you overcame obstacles, you can demonstrate your growth mentality.

In addition to other top soft skills, you already possess this, and you are the only one who can develop it.


7. Collaboration

Working with coworkers or other colleagues is simply one aspect of collaboration. Collaboration requires a blend of good communication, attentive listening, and understanding. This is crucial since it enables you to expand your network and develop positive working relationships with your coworkers.

By including details on projects you've worked on with coworkers or teams you've supervised, you may highlight your collaboration skills on your resume.


8. Problem-Solving

One of the top soft skills companies will be looking for in 2022 is excellent problem-solving abilities. With persistence and experience, these abilities can be acquired over time. Your capacity for problem-solving can be demonstrated in meetings or unplanned circumstances.

The greatest method to demonstrate your problem-solving abilities is on your resume by going into detail about an instance in which you assisted your employer in resolving a challenge.


9. Leadership

Leadership ability is at the top of the list of soft skills businesses desire in 2022, regardless of whether you're applying for an entry-level or management role. Leadership abilities enable you to advance even further in your career despite the fact that communication, development mindset, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability make you a wonderful employee.

A team player who is also capable of leading the entire team is always preferred by an employer. By describing how you oversaw a team for a specific project, you can demonstrate your leadership abilities.


10. Creativity: 

Creativity extends beyond soft skills. This is something that you must learn for yourself; it cannot be taught in a classroom. You can produce original concepts and solutions to challenging situations with the aid of creativity. Creative processes like mind mapping, inspiration, and design are excellent examples.

Since great things require time to develop, practise patience, improve yourself, and persevere until you master them since these abilities are worthwhile for your time and energy.


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