Eric Arnold Planswell - How To Save Money While Renting
Eric Arnold Planswell - How To Save Money While Renting
Save Money While Renting

It’s a dream for everyone to live the lavishing city life but that lavish lifestyle comes with a drain on your wallet. Living paycheck to paycheck becomes your destiny. Whether you’re working part-time, have just started, or have a job for quite a while, Eric Arnold Planswell believes that effective management of your finances requires smart spending habits. 

Here’s what you should do to save money while renting. 


Finding the first place and signing the contract without knowing what else you can have is the first mistake people make while renting. Always look for as many places as you can and compare value for money. 

Pick the Right Location

Location plays a wide role in defining your expenses. Paying top dollar for a location close to your workplace is better than an affordable apartment that costs you the same when transport cost is added. 

Be Realistic

Sea-facing or park view apartments may feel amazing but they come at an extra cost every month. Just owning a well-maintained apartment with decent looking kitchen and plumbing facilities is perfect for your family. Also, pick an unfurnished apartment since they are cheaper and you also buy stuff that becomes yours forever rather than paying rent for someone else’s stuff that you have to leave when you leave the apartment.

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