Citi Housing Kharian
Citi Housing Kharian
Citi Housing Kharian provides a premium lifestyle with the latest amenities from all over the globe and with gold-standard amenities.

It is the top housing community in Kharian because it's brand new, has more design parameters, is located in a prime area, has plans that keep the needs of the consumer in mind, and has a skilled staff. Golf Residencia was the old name for the present Citi Housing Kharian.


Developers of Citi Housing Kharian:

Citi Housing Kharian was built according to international standards. It was constructed through Citi Housing Private Limited. Citi Group (Pvt.) Limited is run by Amer Malik, Chairman, Zoraiz Malik, CEO, and Rana Zahid Ali as the Executive Marketing Director. The company is known across Pakistan for constructing high-quality residential projects in the country's largest cities and has probably 100% satisfaction 100%.


Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd. is an enterprise that provides services committed to delivering results. The company is well-known for its ability to complete projects within the timeframe and without hassle. The staff of experts is highly skilled and has been working together for many years.


Citi Housing is dedicated to building top-quality residential projects and aiding the nation's development. It is a way to encourage competition, which could result in a beneficial match for Pakistan's residents. A quality culture is created and embraced across all its operations, particularly in Citi Housing Kharian. The development of residential properties has evolved into an outstanding instance of originality, variety, quality, luxury, and accessibility. Due to all this and many more, it's now poised to be a symbol of the top position in the business of real estate due to its position at the forefront.


Citi Housing Kharian NOC: (Approval)


Developers understand that getting a NOC for society's approval is essential to win investors' trust. Furthermore, there are plenty of criminals who steal funds from investors. This is why the developers work all day and night to secure a NOC from Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA). Furthermore, the developers have delivered each document demanded from them. In addition, the developers have met all the essential requirements to ensure social quality. The creation of the NOC is currently the center of the developer's efforts. This is why it will be granted authorization by the


Citi Housing Kharian Location:


If you're searching for a new location, the first things that pop up at your forefront are neighbourhoods and the general vibe of the area. But, in addition, what is the exact location in the city the society is situated and the ease of access to travel there from various locations in the town as regards the entry point and other aspects? All of these factors were kept in mind while building the housing community in Kharian Sarai Alamgir; the objective was to make a living more straightforward for the inhabitants of District Gujrat.


It is the City Housing Scheme in New Kharian, located on one of the renowned and vast roads within the province of Punjab and is often referred to as the main GT road; it features a unique architectural style. Every critical region, including residential and business centers, is easily accessible and connected.


It is an ideal chance for developers and investors to make the most of the opportunity to buy an apartment in the community for living or as an investment to earn an anticipated profit. It can do this for a living or to generate a guaranteed profit with a guaranteed profit.


Citi Housing Kharian Nearby Landmarks & Places:


The surrounding areas are the most critical aspect of how much a piece of real property is worth. Everyone knows that having a good neighbour will bring significant benefits, and the same applies to the surrounding areas. Therefore, when buying land for residential or commercial use in the real estate market, it is essential to consider the significance of surrounding areas. Consequently, it is crucial to examine nearby locations to determine what your plot could have value shortly.




It takes less than a minute to reach GT Road.

It takes about 0 minutes to get to Grand City Kharian.

The drive time from Burqa City is 0 minutes

The time to drive to Kharian city is 15 minutes.

It takes about 4 minutes to get to New Metro City Kharian.

It takes around 22 minutes to reach Jhelum City.

It takes one hour to reach Mirpur city.

The journey up to Gujrat City takes 50 minutes.

It takes just 0 minutes to travel on the planned Sialkot-Rawalpindi Motorway.


Citi Housing Kharian Master Plan:


These payment options are simple to follow and aren't expensive. The plots for sale are designed to be as inexpensive as possible to ensure that all kinds of investors can purchase these plots. In addition, investors with smaller investments can also invest in the project since the installment plans are flexible.


New Citi Housing Kharian Master plan:


The developers develop an overall plan for Citi Housing Kharian. Additionally, master plans are crucial to the way society grows and evolves. Thus, the master plan is a must for Citi Housing Kharian considering the residents' present and future needs. It will equip the community with all the infrastructure it needs and be the most efficient. Additionally, the central street will span 250 feet, and the roads and the lanes will be 40 feet wide. Furthermore, every aspect of the boulevard will be a green belt of 10 feet.


The project's plan for Citi Housing Kharian was made by architects and civil engineers who are highly competent and working internationally. In addition, much focus has been given to the development of infrastructure. The builders of New Metro City Gujar Khan want to make it distinguish itself from the other communities of Gujar Khan. The new Metro City Gujar Khan is also expected to include a business and shopping area. This will satisfy the requirements of those looking to purchase property within Pakistan.


Features and Facilities Citi Housing scheme:


The housing society provides its inhabitants with many appealing and luxurious amenities. On top of that, it offers the benefit of a golf course to use all that enhances human housing society's capacity to provide the most current and more luxurious living conditions. This innovative project aims to align Pakistan with the latest global quality of living developments.


A golf course provides residents with a taste of the contemporary lifestyle. The main entrance is comprehensive and offers impressive views.


The features offered in this article are:


Futuristic Amenities.




Grand Jamia Mosque.


Ferris Wheel.


International Standard Schools & Colleges have been designed to ensure that your children receive a high standard of education.


A carpeted road networks.


Parks, lakes, and hills.


Fully Functional Health Center with 24-hour facilities.


Branded Shopping.


Spa, gym facilities & fine dining.




Community Centre that can meet all your requirements.


A sports complex that offers indoor and outdoor games.


Maintenance personnel to ensure that everything is maintained and in good working condition.


A properly constructed sewerage system.


Security 24 hours a day and cameras for surveillance.


Water Supply.


Shopping Malls, with all facilities and brands in one place.


Restaurants offer high-quality food.


Community's Grand Mosque.


Water filtration plant.


Eifel Tower.


Community's Gymnasium.


Community's Graveyard.


Safari Park.


Swimming Pools.


Cricket Stadium.


Riding Club/ Race Course.


3D Cinema.






Dancing Fountains.


Disney Water Theme Park.


Jogging Club.


Rose Garden.


Cricket Street.


Lake View.


Agricultural University.


Nursing College.