What do you consider to be a statement necklace?
What do you consider to be a statement necklace?
What do you consider to be a statement necklace?

 Is it the size of the necklace that gives it the status of “statement” or is it the vibrancy of the colors used? We generally equate statement jewelry with ideas of costume jewelry, chunky, oversized, or maximalist tastes.

However, this stereotype is a little misleading. Really, a statement necklace is a necklace that when worn is the key feature of your outfit or is very noticeable. You wouldn’t tend to layer this necklace with others as its look is high impact and eye catching rather than understated and pared back.

So how do you wear a statement necklace and how do you spot changing trends for this key piece of jewelry? Let’s break down everything you need to know about rocking a statement necklace.

The time of year can give you a great indication of the type of statement you can go for. In summer, colorful jeweled pieces and bright vibrant colors can look stunning on holiday. Turquoise and apatite stones are always popular for summer statement necklaces and can layer over pretty summer dresses.

In the winter time, a statement necklace is more glitz and sparkle, especially if you’re wearing one to a winter or Christmas party. We tend to wear darker colors in the winter, especially if the daytime is shorter, and a crystal or sparkly necklace can elevate a simple dress making your outfit ready for the evening. 

A common belief is that statement jewelry is difficult to wear to the office. Bright colors can stand out and make a big impression but they can also look gaudy or over the top, so how do you pick a necklace that will land you neatly in the middle of these?

If you’re choosing a statement necklace for work stick to one color. Whether that’s the metal or the color of the embellishment is up to you. The necklace will still be eye-catching and noticeable but will look cleaner if the one color is a contrast to your outfit or a perfect color match.

Pair a bright necklace with a crisp white shirt or a simple black dress to keep all the drama on your necklace. If you fancy wearing something more detailed then choose a necklace that has no extra embellishment and is all metal. This type of necklace will look smarter and neater with a colorful work dress.

If your work place has a casual dress code or you prefer to keep your statement jewelry for the weekend, a colorful statement necklace can elevate a simple tee and jeans combo. You can also break the rules and mix your colorful outfit with a more colorful necklace.

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