For the longest time, dainty was the common denominator in the leading jewellery trends. From fine layered necklaces to stacked rings and even chains cascading from the top of your ear to your lobe, delicate jewellery was not only what fashion insiders wore but also what designers and brands exclusively championed. Now, though, things are taking a turn for the maximal, with the latest slew of chunky necklaces proving that bigger is arguably better as far as jewellery is concerned.

You need only glance at the A/W 22 runways to see that chunky necklaces adorned the necks of models showcasing looks from top-tier brands. There were oversized chains at Celine, sizeable torques at 3.1 Phillip Lim and intricate pleated, beaded creations at Stella McCartney. Suffice to say, if you want to make your outfit look cool this season, you probably want to add a jumbo necklace into the mix layered over everything from roll-neck jumpers to tees and styled with more formal pieces such as suiting and shirts.

Make no mistake—chunky necklaces are back. 

The runway is one thing, but what of real life? Well, there's no shortage of pictorial evidence that big neck candy is back on the radar, with countless influencers putting their simple initial pendants to one side in favour of blown-up, beautiful adornments. I like to wear mine for Zoom calls, as they distract other attendees from the fact I've worn the same jumper for five consecutive days. But hey, maybe that's just me? Of course, you can pair yours with any of the aforementioned suggestions, but might I also highlight how great they look with tube dresses, linen shirts, off-the-shoulder necklines, basic vests… Need I go on? 

Have I convinced you that chunky necklaces are once again a thing? Good, as I've found the chicest pieces on the market. Scroll on to see the 3 best chunky necklaces to shop now WHICH FROM JEWELRYKG that will ensure you look on-trend all season long.



I love the different link sizes in this chain necklace. 


This sleek style will pair beautifully with more delicate materials and outfits. 



Chunky pearls add a feminine touch to the chunky-necklace trend. 

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