The Difference between Western and Cowboy Hats for Women
The Difference between Western and Cowboy Hats for Women
The difference between Western and Cowboy hats for women is that the Western is more stylish than the cowboy hat.

The difference between Western and Cowboy hats for women is that the Western is more stylish than the cowboy hat. It's wider, looks more sociable, and is usually more expensive (which you'll need to pay if you want a quality one). The Cowboy hat has shorter brims a longer bill, and it doesn't frame your face as nicely. This might not seem like much of an issue, but if you are shopping for a new hat to wear in spring or summer, then this can make all the difference. Keep reading to have a closer look at what makes these two hats so different!

Western Hats

A Western hat is generally more comprehensive than other types of hats because its brim covers more area around your face. The person wearing the hat could always have a big, sweeping brim to make the person look good and stylish.

Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats are designed to be worn in western movies, and so they tend to be broader in general. The cowboy hat isn't usually as wide as a Western hat, but it will almost always have a far-reaching bill (also known as the crown). These kinds of hats usually have top-brim billets (which are also known as brims). This means that they have smaller brims on top of the bill. The trend of womens cowboy hats is seeing huge appreciation among people.

Cowboy vs. Western: Some Key Points to Consider

They both look good, which is a prominent mention. Cowboy hats are more stylish, and they look better when worn with a nice pair of trousers and a top. Western hats look better on women who wear jeans and white tees. The cowboy hat is more expansive than the western hat. This is not always true, though; some western hats have very narrow brims - think wheat straw or straw in general.

·         Both Hats Are Adjustable – The cowboy hat is more easily adjusted than a western hat. A Western hat usually needs to be tied in the front and then pulled down. This could be tricky if you have long hair that's tied up. The cowboy hat can be adjusted at the back, making it easier for anyone to get it to fit correctly.


·         More prominent Bill – A cowboy hat has a bill that's usually wider than a western hat, although some western hats will sometimes have larger bills too. Both hats can also be more miniature (less wide) and have tiny crowns (smaller bills).

Cowboy Hats with Brims

The cowboy hat with a brim (or top-brim) is worn in the West. This is because it's generally a cheaper type of hat, and so it's used in movies and Westerns. They are also made to be worn outdoors - to protect the wearer from sun and wind. This means they have an extensive crown (also known as the brim). The cowboy hat with a brim usually has smaller brims, which gives it more character than the Western hats that don't have them.

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How Can You Wear Cowboy Hats with short-length Hair?

When you have short hair, the styling options available become limited. However, you can still flaunt your beauty with pompadours. It will add a new definition to your hairstyle. Wearing an exclusive cowboy collection with your hair in a quaff or side part makes you appear fashionable and trendy. It's really worth considering!

You can use pomade or gel to get your hairstyle in the desired shape. Allow drying naturally and finally don't forget the hairspray to get that extra hold.

How To Purchase a Cowboy Hat that Fits Your Needs?

When you are purchasing a cowboy hat, you just can't afford to overlook the right fit. A small hat will make you feel uncomfortable. Adversely, too big a hat will make you appear silly. Generally, the size of the hat follows the natural head shape.

3 tips when you are trying on Varieties of Cowboy Hats:

·         The size of a cowboy hat should rest at least 1 inch or more below the ears.

·         The backside of your hat should snugly fit against the neck.

·         The front sight of a cowboy hat should be a minimum of two fingers above the eyebrows.

As compared to other kinds of hats available in the market, cowboy hats are designed and shaped differently. It requires a bit of practice to get them set right. Just ensure that the brim is pointing downwards in front and upside in the back. This will avoid the sun rays from irritating your eyes as well as protect the face from the breeze.

When you want to take off your hat from the head, hold the bottom side of the crown. Else, you can mess up with excessive creasing when using the top side of the crown.