Shop Whatever You Want From Baur Online Shop
Shop Whatever You Want From Baur Online Shop
With almost a century of existence, BAUR Versand has established a reputation for dependability and excellence.

With almost a century of existence, BAUR Versand has established a reputation for dependability and excellence. Once a staple of numerous German homes, the BAUR catalog is now accessible online at BAUR, where you can quickly browse a wide selection of products. The name Bauer is the only thing they don't have.

Fashion, furniture, and more are available from BAUR

Everything you require for contemporary daily life is available from the BAUR mail-order company. Await the handy delivery of your selected products to your front door while you leisurely browse online at BAUR at any time and for however long you like.

A wide variety of options are available

At BAUR, you can find a wide selection of lovely women's clothes for every season, from timelessly stylish classics to the hottest trends from the international catwalks. Numerous clothes are provided in a variety of sizes and come in multiple colors or patterns. The ideal shoes for your new appearance can be added right away to your shopping basket.

Are you looking for covert shapewear or alluring undergarments for those intimate moments with your partner? You can rely on BAUR! You can, of course, get men's and children's clothing for your loved ones at the same time as women's clothing.

Are you looking for a unique piece of furniture to draw attention or do you want to redesign a room? The furniture you need is available from BAUR Versand, and they will deliver it to the installation location. Many belong to a well-balanced series or were created especially for modern comfort fashions.

Without useful technology, what would modern life be like?

In addition to a wide range of smartphones, home theatre systems, and wearable technology, BAUR also offers older models at great prices that are still very popular.

Would you like detailed recommendations before making a piece of furniture, technology, or clothes purchase? After that, consult BAUR's shopping guidelines for ideas and clarification. Additionally, you are welcome to call one of their customer service representatives personally, who will take the time to speak with you on the phone.

At BAUR, payments are simple

BAUR offers a variety of payment options for online orders. Do you wish to inspect the ordered items before making a purchase? Simply choose the option to "buy on account" at the checkout. While waiting for your order to come in the mail, you will receive your digital invoice by email. Take your time inspecting everything, fitting the outfits you ordered, and deciding what you want to keep. You then send the remainder back to them and only pay the invoice for these things.

Small funds but big dreams?

BAUR will be pleased to assist you in making a simple installment payment. Whenever you buy something, you can choose the number of monthly payments you want. For significant items like furniture and high-end technology, this ranges from three months to a generous 48 monthly installments. At BAUR, they merely impose a little extra for installment payments.

Sustainability in BAUR shipping

BAUR is conscious of its obligation to protect the environment. Pay attention to BAUR's new mark for especially sustainable products if you value sustainability when you shop. This encompasses not only apparel but also textiles for the home, footwear, cosmetics, and even furniture. International quality certifications have been given to all sustainable products at BAUR. More information about sustainable purchasing at BAUR can be found here!

Radio ad for BAUR

Are you familiar with their radio jingle, "BAUR is written without an E"? The lovely advice not to search for them online by the last name, Bauer, is also found here. On the web and in the app, BAUR - sans E.

For the hot weather, light clothing

Your breezy summer dresses are once again hung at the front of the wardrobe when the temperatures finally start to rise once again. The summery clothing ought to be comfortable during a heat wave in addition to being stylish.

Simple and cozy to incredibly romantic

With such a wide variety of models, it doesn't matter which fashion trend you like; you will easily find what you need. Mini dresses, knee-length dresses, and long maxi dresses are all options for summer attire. You can dress up in a flowing maxi dress for a festival, a beautiful midi-length chiffon dress for a summer wedding, or a short bandeau dress for a trip to the lake or beach.

You will shine like the sun in a model in yellow, a dress with a flowery print will make you think of a summer meadow, and pastel colors like light pink or mint green will make you need ice cream.

You can also look for dresses in muted colors or, for instance, with dark blue maritime stripes, if you like something more subdued. Darker hues are frequently a wise choice, particularly for work or special occasions, and thanks to the light cut, they nonetheless make you feel like summer.

For hot summer days, these materials are appropriate

You should wear light clothing, especially on hot days. In the overview, learn more about the various materials and their benefits.


  • Cotton is a very resilient substance that is also gentle on the skin and absorbent.

  • On extremely hot days, you feel very at ease wearing a cotton summer dress. For the fabric to conform to your body shape and allow for easy movement, these models frequently also include a little amount of elastane.

  • In hot weather, linen summer dresses have cooling effects and are kind on the skin.

  • A silky fabric that feels wonderful against the skin is viscose. It is essential for the summer that a fabric be excellent at absorbing moisture.

  • The semi-transparent, incredibly fine, and pleasantly light fabric chiffon is frequently used to create festive summer garments.