Hijab Trends Emerge Various Communities
Hijab Trends Emerge Various Communities
The development of Muslim fashion over the past five years has provided a breath of fresh air for the Indian fashion industry.


No wonder the perpetrators are optimistic that India will become the world's Muslim fashion mecca in 2022.

The rise of creativity of Hijab users today fosters the development of the Muslim fashion industry in India, especially in big cities such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Agra, and Delhi.

What is interesting about this phenomenon?

It all started with the desire of a handful of Muslim women who wanted to break the stigma that the veil was ancient. They then came up with a more fashionable hooded concept. Their presence then developed into a community that slowly but surely created a business opportunity gap in the fashion industry. 

In the past, about ten years ago, some people might only know a few lines of Modest Muslim clothing which are indeed old "players" in the Muslim fashion business such as Rabbani, Shafira, and Ranti. 

However, now, many independent lines have sprung up into the modern Muslim fashion business. From this, it can be concluded that the hijab phenomenon or the so-called Hijab trend continues to evolve from a fashion to a community until it eventually becomes a business.

Simple and Elegant, Today's Hijab trend

Modern Muslim clothes for women have now developed a lot in countries with a majority Muslim population such as India. Make it easy for women to develop today's hijab trends.

Interestingly, modern Muslim clothes that are developing today get a lot of inspiration from conventional women's clothing models that are combined in accordance with the provisions of the Shari'a.

Based on conversations with hijab users, on average their favorite choice is a veil that is in accordance with star’s as a strong reason, then simple or simply easy to use and also elegant. Not too flashy either usage, accent, or decoration used.

As stated by Rubina, she comes from Mumbai. She said that she prefers a simple veil that looks elegant. Back to the personal mother of one child who really likes simple things, including appearance.

Even with the narrative of Jihan who said that although the veil used was primarily years, it still followed the trend and did not go out of style.

Afreen also has a different opinion, a bank employee who lives in Depok prefers the classic style of a rectangular veil that does not have too many accents. There can be various models and styles to make it look fresh when worn to the office.

Not much different from the response from Dr. Rijwana who lives in Kerala, even though she wears a pashmina, she still keeps it simple, with not too many twists to tidy it up.