Laser Engraving Machine for Wood
Laser Engraving Machine for Wood
The ATOMSTACK S20 Pro is an excellent laser engraving & cutting machine that can not only engrave different shades of gray, but also cut materials.

Laser Engraving Machine for Wood

Laser engravers are becoming more and more popular in the hobby and hobbyist sectors. This is not surprising, because the application field of engraving machines is not small. With devices like the S20 Pro, the entire image can be transferred to wood or other materials.

The structure is the same as known from many other laser engravers. The actual laser is on the frame, and on the side we find the controls and a detachable LCD with a touchscreen. The Atomstack S20 Pro laser engraving machine is made of all anodized aluminum materials. The internal structure is detailed and sturdy. Equipped with high-performance fixed-focus laser, built-in focusless module. The machine adopts an integrated screw, which makes the laser engraving machine move more smoothly; accurate, and the coupling is more durable. The panoramic filter glass protector protects the eyes very well, filtering 97% of UV rays. Clearly view the positioning of the engraving laser spot and see the engraving process without goggles.

The Atomstack S20 PRO is the first 130W semiconductor laser engraver. It adopts the latest generation of four-way 6W laser coupling technology, and the output power soars to 20W. It can cut 15mm thick paulownia board and 8mm thick black acrylic board at one time, and easily cut more than 40 kinds of materials such as 0.05mm thick stainless steel board. The Atomstack laser engraver for 32-bit motherboards works more smoothly and stably. Advanced built-in 256-bit color scale, 0.08*0.1mm laser spot area, makes the engraved pattern higher contrast and more obvious. The finished pattern is like sketching on paper. The superimposed effect of black and white is more delicate and natural.

atomstack 130w

We have developed an ATOMSTACK APP to connect the S20 pro laser engraving machine, which supports Android and iPhone systems. At the same time, it comes with a controller and emergency stop button, which can realize complete offline engraving. Even without a network environment or computer, you can complete the engraving work smoothly and safely. The S20 PRO laser engraver comes with the upgraded F30 pro air assist kit; it features dual built-in air assist pumps. It makes it twice as efficient as other air assists. The air assist kit keeps surfaces clean and significantly optimizes the quality of engraved work. The thick aluminum cover makes it more durable, generates less heat and lasts longer.

The ATOM STACK S20 Pro laser engraver is an all-rounder for the home workshop. New motherboards and different shades of grey give you completely new possibilities for creating patterns. It should be mentioned here, however, that burning or cutting in the pattern can create an unpleasant odor that you don't necessarily want to have in your home.

With a wood laser engraver and cutter, you can engrave toys, art, crafts, souvenirs, architectural models and inlays.

There are two ways to engrave and cut wood with a wood laser engraver. In relief engraving, grayscale is converted to different laser power levels, resulting in a 3-dimensional engraving. You can do multiple engravings at relatively high performance, then perform a clean pass to remove residue.

Wood inlay, on the other hand, usually involves laying different woods on a flat surface, resulting in a smooth surface that contains different colors and inlays. The substrate is engraved first, followed by the material to be laid, usually a veneer. For single boards, make sure to adjust the width of the laser beam.

atomstack a10 pro

a10 pro black

Hardwoods will produce darker carvings and softwoods will produce lighter carvings. The drier and the more resin there is, the brighter the wood laser engraver's engraving will be.

Our best wood laser engravers allow you to process a variety of wood types to create your desired design and can cut thicknesses up to 20mm. Instead of a water system, our laser engravers use a zero maintenance and zero consumable air cooling system. Compared with all marking machines, the overall cost is lower.

This does not prevent it from providing high quality marking, reliable operation and high productivity. You can effortlessly engrave text graphics, QR codes, images, serial numbers and more on your products. It has a working life of 20,000 hours, so it's a good investment.