What job profiles suit marketing students looking for internships
What job profiles suit marketing students looking for internships
Find the ideal marketing job profile on the best internship programs blog ECA

What job profiles suit marketing students looking for internships

Students mostly get confused about which internship program to choose under the marketing department. If you are one of them, this is a perfect opportunity to explore marketing jobs in the blog below. As the marketing industry is diverse and ever changing, to reach the right job profile, you might require guidance. ECA internships will help you understand trending job profiles and required skills for the same. 

Always keep an open mind as you choose the right area of expertise in marketing and match your interests with the jobs mentioned below:



-> Social Media Marketing:

Today, social networking is one of the most impactful lead-generating platforms for all businesses. It has significantly impacted the buying personas (target audience) decision-making. Marketing is no more limited to emails and events—SMM has become a prominent tool in marketing. A social media marketing firm has reshaped the marketing strategies of businesses. If you are interested in interning as a social media marketer, you need to optimise your social media profiles. Try creating interactive posts or working for small brands that will help you gain valued experience in this field. You can also create sample social media posts and draft branding strategies for any brand.

-> Content Marketing and Copywriting:

Branding requires unique content which increases the demand for creative minds. The creative minds behind penning the taglines, ad copies, and informative blogs are content markets and copywriters. It's very crucial to develop your brand storytelling skills in content creation. As a content writer and marketer, you must develop samples (creative copies) before applying for any job/internship opportunities. As an applicant, it's necessary to highlight your passion and exercise your creative muscles by drafting work samples like social media copy, zines, brochures, video scripts, blog scripts, and many more. You can also enrol in certificate courses in creative writing.  

-> Product Marketing:

Developing a new product and keeping it on a shelf won't make it sell. So every product requires branding, which is done through product marketing. Hence, product marketing is all about developing the knowledge of the right target audience and using strategic positioning to stimulate revenue generation and product demand. The responsibilities of product marketing trainees ought to have balanced multitasking and collaborating with numerous people daily. The key tasks for product marketers also include sales playbooks and tools, sales collaterals, and presentations, and sales training. If you are dedicated to product marketing don't forget to study the successful brand stories of Apple, Nikes, and Starbucks. 

  1. Marketing Analysis:

Marketing is always about ideas and research. With research comes data management and analysis. Marketing research requires good technical skills and analysis techniques. A marketing analyst intern requires special skills in studying a company's data and presenting its findings to build further strategic plans. While applying for any marketing analyst entry-level position you must complete courses and get a degree in statistics, marketing, or other quantitative and technical areas. To devise your marketing skills you can perform simple college surveys on any topic.

-Public Relations and Communications:

Public relations play a vital role in brand image building and maintenance. Corporate communications job roles focus on working with social media marketers, content marketers, and event managers. The PR job role is responsible for promoting the company name as well as spreading brand awareness. To land in this profession, develop a portfolio related to the small-scale promotional activities and ensure you highlight the breadth and depth of your essential skills. Try creating promotional copy content, hosting small-scale publicity shows, and developing your presenting and communication skills, as this job is about building connections. 




No matter which marketing field you are drawn to, you must have strong interpersonal skills, excellent communication skills, and proficiency in writing. The marketing industry is always waiting for candidates who are hungry to learn new skills. Once you have selected your ideal field, discuss it with your colleagues and teachers. We will keep you updated with the current best internship program and market trends, so stay tuned.