Top 8 Python-based Image Processing Projects for 2022
Top 8 Python-based Image Processing Projects for 2022
These Python image processing projects provide the backbone of computer vision and are used to aid in the development of cutting-edge technologies like autonomous vehicles, acrobatics, and object recognition using deep learning, to name a few.


There's a narrative behind every image and lots of information packed into its many visual details. In several contexts, the image and information surrounding it will prove to be helpful. For image processing tasks, the approach known as "Image Processing" can be used to extract the relevant information from any given image.


These Python image processing projects provide the backbone of computer vision and are used to aid in the development of cutting-edge technologies like autonomous vehicles, acrobatics, and object recognition using deep learning, to name a few.


In this article, we will discuss the top 8 Image processing projects using Python. Let’s get started with the list.

Image-Based Attendance System

Building an image-based attendance system is a great first project for anyone interested in gaining practical experience with image processing.


The majority of schools currently use fingerprint or facial biometrics for attendance, however in light of the current coronavirus scenario, a contactless attendance system based on image processing might be used.


Instead of manually marking attendance rolls, teachers could just take a class photo and upload it to the cloud, where it would be processed. As a result, the entire process is digital and non-contact. The idea can be tested on a small scale before a student database is created for verification, image storage, and other needs.

Live Air Games

The Pygame module provides a variety of input/output (I/O) and other capabilities necessary for developing games in Python's 2D space. By pointing the webcam at the appropriate areas of the screens, the player's commands can be recorded. One of the most promising areas of image processing is the production of live-air games.


Left and right movement, jumping, and grabbing are all examples of what the instructions entail. Fragments of the live video feed must be compared to a database of player-movement instructions. You can modify an existing game, such as Hill climb racing, or make a brand-new one to accommodate this feature.

Smart Traffic Lights System

We all know how frustrating it can be to wait for the traffic light to turn green when we're on the road, especially if there's barely any traffic. The potential solution is to install an intelligent lighting system that monitors traffic conditions and reschedules lights accordingly.


Using the real-time video stream to determine traffic volume is possible; adding horn sounds to the mix would make for a more robust solution.


When traffic volumes are low, the system should issue more green lights, while those in the latter case should be more carefully timed to prevent traffic jams. In addition, emergency vehicles might be given priority at traffic lights by setting them to a different phase.

Snapchat Filters

Are you familiar with Snapchat? Essentially, it is a widely used instant chat service with a strong emphasis on media sharing.


Users can apply a wide variety of filters to their images in this software to give them a unique look or to fit a specific theme.


To isolate crucial facial landmarks in an image and apply the specialized filters or effects to them, these filters make use of point face identification algorithms. One of the simplest and most interesting image processing projects is this one.

Image Classifier for Similar Types

A user may wind up saving several pictures on their local machine, which can quickly become overloaded.


There could be a method devised whereby pictures are filed away in different directories according to their respective categories. Images of the same kind can be filed together, while images that have been altered in some way can be stored in a different folder.


Comparability analysis of the photos is required. Your CV will stand out from the pack significantly if you highlight your experience with image processing tasks.

Monitoring Air Pollution

The pollution catastrophe has affected the majority of us today. The fact that cloud cover or air pollution may be immediately recognized simply by gazing at the sky provides a potential starting point for this work.


Depending on the setup, a user's image input through their mobile app or web portal would be processed and the results are shown on the screen. For those just starting, this is a great image processing project.


To complete this task, you will require a massive database of photographs depicting the clouds in various states, including foggy, polluted, and clean. Datasets for data science and machine learning are plentiful; some can be found on Kaggle, the central repository for such resources, while others can be made from scratch.

Anti-Cheat System

As a result of the current covid scenario, most school and college exams have been given in an online format.


Teachers and faculty have a harder time keeping tabs on students when there are so many of them. A system that can identify whether a candidate engages in dishonest behavior during the selection process is feasible.


It is expected that the system will be able to recognize any attempts at navigation away from the test screen. It is important to notify the candidate if they are not staring at the screen for an extended period, and if this happens often, it should be reported to the proper authorities.

Image Editor

Using only Python, you may create your image editor. Tkinter, a graphical user interface library for Python, can be used to create the necessary interface.


Numpy and OpenCV enable users to alter the parameters of any action, be it an edit, crop, color change, background blur, picture merge, rotation, scaling, or dragging.


Developing the necessary functions for this project can be time-consuming, but the result will be a thorough understanding of image processing.

Final Words

We now reach the final parts of the content. This was about the top 8 image processing projects using Python. Image processing is quite useful as we understood through the project ideas the different areas where it can be used, using Python.


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