Kedarkantha Trek Package Uttarakhand
Kedarkantha Trek Package Uttarakhand
Get the information about Kedarkantha Trek package Uttarakhand.

Kedarkantha Trek Package Uttarakhand

Kedarkantha Trek Package Uttarakhand

Get ready for the Kedarkantha Trek package Uttarakhand, India's Most Popular & Adventurous Winter Snow Trek.

With its surrounding pine trees and stunning snowfall, Peak is occasionally hailed as the best snow-trekking spot-on planet. The journey to this mountain pass in Keda Kantha, which is 12,500 feet above sea level, is regarded as the best winter snow trek in India; beginners can take part in this Himalayan adventure that you must experience at least once in your lifetime. The greatest time to finish this walk is from the first week of November to the last week of April, when there is the most snowfall.

The campsites on the walk are all beautiful since they are all covered in snow. Despite the fact that each hike in the Himalayas is unique and renowned for its own beauty. Trekking frequently allows you to experience a dose of nature that is unavailable in cities while also giving you the chance to push your physical and psychological limitations.

is well-known for its winter journey that departs from the renowned village of Sankri. Nearly 210 kilometres separate this lovely village from Dehradun.

Winter in the highlands is frequently marked by harsh weather. When snow begins to fall, the temperature drops below zero, clogging more routes and making the majority of the regions inaccessible.

Here, the temperature drops to 10 degrees at night and even lower, but you must exercise caution if you want to survive such a low temperature. The town of Sankri, which serves as the beginning point for this trip, sees a lot of visitors for this reason, especially in the months of December, January, February, and March.

The route from Dehradun to Mussoorie and subsequently to Sankri is among the most stunning and alluring in the Himalayas. So, don't forget to bring your camera.

You will pass past snow-covered slopes and meadows along the way, providing you with a spellbinding vista of the Himalayan Peaks. The tranquil and serene streams and lakes will ease your hiking weariness and let you grow a tenderness for nature.

If you are good at skiing, try it out in the winter. Skiing is something you can do. Skiing will give you the chance to see the snow-covered Himalayan meadows.

As you travel through lush woodlands that are covered with recent snowfall in December, get ready to experience a beautiful scene that will definitely calm your eyes. The sensitivity and compassion of the people will also leave an impression on you.

This journey is nothing short of a wonderland and is also referred to as Shiva's homeland in Hindu mythology. Due to the silence and tranquilly, you may even feel as though you are in heaven during this excursion.

With a height and elevation of 12,500 feet, the Kedarkantha Trek is accessible to all beginners and first-time trekkers. If you want to hike and want to experience nature,


Best time for Kedarkantha Trek (Kedarkantha Trek Packages Uttarakhand)

The Kedarkantha Trek is one of the few treks in the Indian Himalayas that may be completed throughout the year, with the exception of July and August, which are Uttarakhand's wet months.


In Summer

This area experiences mild summers. At this time, other mountains can also be seen.


In Monsoon

If you decide to go on this journey during the monsoon, you will encounter challenges. Landslides occur during the monsoon and cause road congestion.

Even though it may take some work, the vista of the Himalayan meadows will be worth every bit of it.


In Winter

The trail is still coated in silver sheeting during the winter. The journey thus takes on a majestic quality. This trip is the best Indian winter trek and is also quite exciting throughout the winter. Since the temperature drops during the trip, make sure to pack your thick wool clothing.

Reasons Why Kedarkantha is Must


One of the well-known winter excursions that you must experience at least once in your lifetime is this one. The beautiful, snow-covered scenery and the challenging summit climb can make anyone queasy, so be sure to carry all your things safely.

After March, the snow starts to melt, revealing a lush, green meadow below with vibrant flowers blooming in the spring and summer.