Growing Number Of On-Demand Tutoring Services And What It Offers The Education Sector?
Growing Number Of On-Demand Tutoring Services And What It Offers The Education Sector?
Growing number of on-demand tutoring services provides a competitive advantage over traditional tutoring services.

Growing Number Of On-Demand Tutoring Services And What It Offers The Education Sector?

As students are becoming more aware of what they want, there is a growing number of on-demand tutoring services that are being opened up to give them a better educational experience. 


The on-demand tutoring services or online coaching services provide customized tutoring or online courses particularly for high school, college, and grad school students who live far away from their schools or those who could not afford in-person tutoring. 


These types of service providers offer cost-effective and personalized education solutions for students who wish to increase their academic performance. Offering flexible scheduling options, personalized education plans and access to curriculum materials as well as other resources like lectures, academic papers, past test papers, and other study materials have made the online tutoring industry grow rapidly around the world over the past couple of years.


This article offers insight into the future of online education and what it offers for the growth of on-demand tutor booking app services.


How Tutoring Apps Help Overcome Remote Learning's Defects?


Remote learning is not without its challenges. In addition to the challenges faced by the student, tutors and parents also have their own set of challenges. This is especially true when it comes to time management and scheduling.


Fortunately, tutoring apps are helping overcome many of the defects of remote learning. That is why they are becoming popular among students, parents, and educators across the globe. Here are some of the ways that these apps help you overcome the defects of remote learning:

  1. One-on-one Interaction: The biggest drawback of remote learning is that interactions remain limited to a screen only. If a student has a doubt or needs guidance from their teacher, replying over email will not help that much.

With tutoring apps, students can get one-on-one support from their teachers all day long. They can ask questions, get answers immediately and solve their doubts in real-time.. Additionally, tutors can also interact with parents regularly through these apps. 


2. Scheduling Classes and Appointments Becomes Easier: Remote teaching often requires you to schedule multiple classes every day on video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. Scheduling these classes and managing them can be difficult as well as time-consuming.


Tutoring apps is built to fit the necessity of remote learning. It has features to take notes, raise hands for doubt, and students can access these platforms through mobiles and tablets. So students need not be transfixed like in the remote classroom environments.


3. Time Management:  The best thing about online tutoring is that there is no time restriction, you can study at any time in 24 hours, and there is no compulsion of following a specific time for studying like 9 AM to 5 PM.


This thing is not possible in traditional educational methods as there is a specific time for studying and if you missed your class you will have to bear its consequences. So, a student can manage their classes with no flaws. 


How to Develop a Tutor App with the Most Reliable Features? 


Nowadays, many companies are looking for the best ways to create a tutor app. However, they still don’t know how to do it. We have decided to find out how to develop a tutor app with the most reliable features.

  1. Complete Profiles of Tutors and Students

Students can view profiles of tutors, that includes their qualification, experience, contact details etc. Tutors can also see the profile of students that includes their age, grade, location etc.


2. Convenient Scheduling


Tutors can create their schedule for taking classes and students can book the slots according to their convenience. They can also reschedule or cancel a booking before the class starts.


3. Video Conferencing


It is a vital feature of an on-demand tutoring app as it connects students with tutors using video chats where they conduct classes and share notes/files/videos with each other for better understanding and learning.


4. Audio Calling


If students want to learn from audio calls, then this feature lets them use audio calls to connect with tutors for taking classes or clearing doubts, etc.


5. Whiteboard Tool


A whiteboard tool is used by tutors to explain a subject to students by drawing and writing on it to make it easier for them.


These features can help you provide reliable tutoring services. Also streamlines the tutoring operations seamlessly.




To sum up, one challenge in the present is that students are unable to understand highly complex and difficult concepts in their particular discipline. Teachers also find themselves frustrated at the lack of student engagement with the subject. These tutor booking app services offer a viable solution to both of them.


The students will be able to schedule sessions at times that are suitable for them, and they will be able to contact their tutors through video chat easily. This allows for better engagement with the tutor and makes learning a fun experience for all involved parties.