Chess in Real Life [ Life is Like a Game of Chess ]
Chess in Real Life [ Life is Like a Game of Chess ]
Chess in Real Life [ Life is Like a Game of Chess ] – The game of chess is very similar to life. As chess in real life is unpredictable and complex so is the game of chess in real life.


Suppose you are given a project to complete and the guidelines to follow them and you have a much better strategy to complete the project although there may be a possibility that it may not work if it works then it will be of great value. So are going to try something creative something original then you have to face the scenario that you may be applauded by the people for your risk and the actions by everyone and your friends will we in awe and ask ‘dude! How you did that’ or in the other end of the spectrum you may be scolded for the actions and the same friends may say ‘dude! Are you serious? Now in chess, we see the similar things that while playing the risk either it can lead to better positions and hard-worked victories but also it can lead to a catastrophic end. In the chess, the types of risk occur like trading off the pieces to achieve better positions sometimes we may try to delay the time for finding the best moves on the board in this risk-taking we may give advantage to our opponent also like the giving him the time, and as we know the time has a great essence in the chess and the advantage we gain is better position and higher chance to win.


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